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I know, I know, there are numerous issues with the manosphere, like an entire ocean of angst, misery, and woe threatening to drown us all in its swirling darkness. Actually, many gleefully celebrating the very idea of drowning us all in darkness, as if the only joy some of them will ever know is fantasizing about the end of civilization itself.

By the way, the above paragraph could probably be called a argumentum ad hominem, on account of the fact that it is my intention to attack the character, motive, or other attribute of the person, group, or label I am arguing against. Argumentum ad hominem is not always fallacious however, not always a logical fallacy, especially as it relates to credibility, facts, and certain kinds of moral reasoning.

Truly one should probably not even attempt to type the words “logic” and “manosphere” in the same sentence. I frequently attempt to speak to people, to argue with those I am uncertain can even be placed in the hominem category in the first place, rendering the very idea of an “argumentum ad hominem” mute anyway.

So it’s a rather trivial thing, a thing that will no doubt fall on deaf ears, but would y’all be so kind as to stop calling people “retards” as if the very idea of being a retard is a fate worse than death? There are many, many so-called intelligent people who insist on doing this, but I shall target Vox Day today because he is a frequent offender, as you can probably tell in his, “Listen Up, Retards” post.

I am a big fan of free speech, heaven forbid I should ever join the tone police or suggest that speech should ever be regulated or punished or anything of the sort. I am not the least bit interested in being politically correct here. However, just because you have the freedom and the right to say something does not mean you should say something. With freedom comes responsibility and words have tremendous power.

We can speak blessings or curses over ourselves and others.

So, calling people retards, as if being a retard is a bad thing, implies that morality and logic are somehow related to human intelligence. I assure you, there is no relationship what so ever. Computers can be quite intelligent, heck the talking chip in a Barney doll, by the standards we use to measure intelligence, is five times more intelligent than most of us. And of course there are also sociopaths and psychopaths, quite intelligent but often devoid of a heart at all.

Calling people retards dishonors your own intelligence, it deprives you of the beauty to be found in those souls, and frankly calls into question your own very status as an actual hominem.There is something to be said for the idea of actually remembering to act like a human.

Naturally those who worship at the altar of their own biology, those who place entirely too much value on human intelligence, those who harbor a certain kind of bitterness towards all of womankind, are unlikely to hear me and to take my words to heart.

With cheerful fortitude however, as it has been requested, let it be done. Stop with the calling people retards, some of those people have far more worth and value than you do.