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One reason why it is so important to study scripture is because God often speaks to us that way. He will read scripture to you, help you apply it to your life, lead you and guide you with those words. Scripture can be like a language God uses to communicate with. If we aren’t familiar with it, than when we are still and quiet and He is pointing us in the right direction, we won’t understand what He is saying.

I cannot tell you how many times just the right bit of scripture has popped into my head, right when I needed it. If I didn’t study, if it wasn’t in there, I’d be lost, like someone in a foreign country without a map who doesn’t speak the language.

My brain can be a bit like scrambled eggs, so there are snatches of scripture floating on the edge of my memory, some I am not even aware of anymore, but it is there should the Holy Spirit ever need to pull it off my hard drive, amid all the all other clutter.

When you are teaching scripture it is important to get it right, it is important to quote it properly and in context. You can do a lot of harm to people otherwise, there are many false teachings in the world that cause confusion and needless suffering. But if you are just studying with the Lord, if you are applying scripture to your own life, you can let it speak to you personally. What can I learn from this passage, how does this apply to my life right now?

I had one of those moments the other day that made me laugh. I cannot work as many hours as some would like me too, so I really have to say no, really have to be firm with boundaries. It’s quite ridiculous, just this once and than we won’t ask anymore. I kept saying no, God kept telling me to say no, and then He started saying “Numbers 30.” There I was standing in the sunshine under a sign that actually said 30 MPH with Numbers 30 going through my head rather urgently, trying desperately to remember what those words meant, what was even in that passage.

Vows? Husbands?…and than it clicked and I suddenly blurted out, “Sorry, my husband is a total jerk and just won’t let me.” Ah ha, instant communication. Suddenly my “no” really meant “no.”

For those who don’t know, Numbers 30 is a bit of Mosianic law regarding women, husbands, and vows. No, it doesn’t instruct you to call your husband a jerk, but it does say that if a wife obligates herself in a vow a husband can nullify it and the Lord will release her.

The Numbers 30,Β  my husband is a jerk defense. Very amusing and really quite perfect given the situation. Hubby was actually pleased to hear I had managed to blame the whole thing on him.

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