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Sometimes God really speaks to me in dreams, nearly always dreams of comfort, of guidance, designed just for me. I have been astounded a few times  by how surprised I am by them. Usually they are fairly simple, they don’t require any fancy interpretation, but sometimes I ask God about them in prayer in the morning, especially if they are funny. They are often funny because they just don’t always compute emotionally. I like my world tidy and neat, more reason based, and dreams are well, dreams.

So the other night I dreamed of Ninja assassins. I know, crazy, but they at least were behaving normally, very scary, dressed to the hilt, sneaking about. Of course, after prowling around and climbing the walls, they  eventually just knocked on the door, which I was all too happy to answer in the middle of the night. They explained they  had a warrant for my assassination, which I thought was just awesome, so I let them in. I was so excited, more like winning the lottery, this was great news. They were a bit taken aback, crestfallen perhaps, because I was so pleased to see them. Naturally I told them to have a seat because I needed to pack. They were going to kill me and being a girl, I had to make sure I had something to wear where ever I was going. I really was planning a vacation, the most exciting one ever, with great enthusiasm. At one point they got tired of waiting and tried to sneak out, but I was like, “oh no, you get back here, you promised to kill me.”

I mentioned this dream to my husband and tried to explain how odd I was behaving, but he assured me I was being quite normal. He said he could totally see me holding Ninja assassins hostage in our living room. Ha!

And then later at church with God’s perfect synchronicity, the Pastor spoke of, “Oh death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? He went on to speak of how death is just a word, about the hope that is within us, about meeting death not with fear but with rejoicing. Of course we all grieve the loss of our loved ones, of course death is to be delayed as long as possible, but we also have cause to rejoice, we have reason to celebrate.

That is exactly how I had felt in my dream, my response to those Ninja assassins being so foreign to the world, so inappropriate….unless you are in Christ, unless you truly understand, “Oh death, where is thy sting?”

It’s tough, there can be a lot of sadness and grief in the world, a lot of loss and sorrow, and death is something we will all come to know at some point. I don’t fear my own death so much, but I do fear the death of those I care about, not so much because of them, but because I don’t like being left behind, because I don’t like the separation.

I’ve lost a lot of people who were not believers and that can really mess with your head, that can frighten you, that can make you doubt God Himself. I can only say there is none so worthy of trusting in, of handing your loved ones over to, of having faith in Him and realizing that as much as you love someone, God loves them even more than we are able. Have faith, God works in mysterious ways. We do not always know what we think we know.

Lord willing, I should like to delay death as long as possible, but when I go, I would really like a proper Irish wake with much rejoicing and boisterous laughter. A bon voyage party for one always prepared to delightfully run off with a pack of Ninja assassins.

But God will redeem me from the realm of the dead; he will surely take me to himself.