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I really appreciate April’s work at the Peaceful Wife and the good humor of the authoress she is currently featuring who wrote When Submit feels like a Dirty Word.

So no hostility or criticism intended at all, but did I not just write Eve Be Cursing Now? What is with this never-ending focus on the curse of Eve that I often encounter in the evangelical world? I think I understand part of it but I cannot claim it has a scriptural basis, because I just don’t see it anywhere in there. What I see instead are often sexual politics at play. It’s a delicate matter, I don’t wish to portray all men (and some women) as being this way, but the constant urge to punish women, to declare women worthy of endless suffering, is a real thing in world.

I can empathize somewhat, men are often in the position of facing endless rejection, of being cast aside in favor of another. There is a power struggle occurring within our culture and our politics too, a lot of changes going on regarding relationships between men and women. There are wounded and broken men in the world. So all in good humor here, I have cursed Eve myself on several occasions…..and all her descendents. However, I can tell you right now that is frustration, that is entirely me, that is not God at all, that is not scripture.

So, becasue I sometimes step into the darker recesses of the intertoobz, I know that these teachings are going on, I know what lurks in the hearts of some. Becasue I spent so much time working with domestic violence victims, I also know that women being perceived as lesser than, as worthy of abuse, is a real thing in the world. Again, not scriptural, not biblical, but internalized belief systems, however false, still have a huge impact on our lives. Scripture is sometimes perverted and used in an attempt to justify our own yuck, brokennes, stupidity, sin.

Back to the title of this piece, “when submit feels like a dirty word,” it actually feels like a dirty word anytime it is connected to the alleged “curse of Eve,” perceived as punishment for women, or used as justfication for abuse.ย  I hope I don’t reveal any deep secrets here, but there is quite a BDSM group that follows some evangelicals around on the internet for that very reason. There are quite a few atheists that observe what is often called “funde-sexualism,” the endless portrayal of women as being worthy of punishment, quite kinky really.

I have pointed fingers at some of these same people, these are not baseless accusations. Dalrock, Biblical Gender Roles, Alpha Game Blog, a whole host of very popular people, all Chrstian bloggers heavy on the relentless need to punish women, constantly perverting the very word “submit” and linking it to the alleged curse of Eve and the need to endlessly punish and control women.

As you can imagine, my attempts to speak to any of them, always goes over like a ton of bricks. It’s virtually impossible to speak to men who believe all women must learn in complete silence and submission. Actually it can be downright comical.

It’s just an issue that tends to frustrate me becasue there are a lot of things wrong with the world that stem from this very problem. Men and women rejecting marriage entirely, both men and women driven from Jesus Christ Himself falsely believing He too perceives women as having no value. Christianity being rejected all over the Western World. Women especially, but also some men will have a knee jerk emotional response to the very idea of submission, a kind of post traumatic stress and anxiety as if to submit simply means to render oneself more vulnerable to abuse. Women as doormats, Stepford Wives.

I find none of these things to be true, marriage is a great blessing, a gift, Christianity has been kind to women, submission either to God or to husbands is an act of love, freedom,ย  not a fear based response to power and control.

However, what I know to be true, what I find to be true, is not the cultural narrative. Nor is the cultural narrative necessarily false and baseless. Some of that really is to be laid at the feet of some false teacings being promoted in the world, pouring fuel on a fire that is already raging.

Many people have differant interpretations of Genesis, slightly different things they zero in and apply to life. I have to say however that that really is not the isssue, the issue is that if you believe in the curse of Eve as an endurng and permanant thing, then you are basically saying that the sins of women are greater than the Blood of the Lamb, that victory did not happen on the cross. That concerns me.