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peanutWhen I was a mom with young kids peanut butter really was the glue that held our lives together. We had peanut butter everywhere, on graham crackers, across the back of the sofa, hiding in the light fixtures. I got to the point where I could not stand the smell of peanut butter. Sometimes I would lie in bed unable to sleep and realize what was keeping me awake was the fact that I  smelled like peanut butter.

I have since recovered, I now like peanut butter again, although I am still adverse to having it smeared across me in any way. I can make sandwiches, but that little bit of peanut butter that always rolls up the knife and feels sticky on your hands? Yes, I hate that. Needless to say hubby delights in walking by and knocking my hand into the jar. Like all little boys, I know I could make him stop if I would just stop reacting, but I still can’t quite mask the horror on my face over sticky peanut butter.

Those who read this blog probably already know that it ain’t peanut butter that holds me together at all, it is actually having a powerful relationship with Jesus Christ and being able to lean into Him when times are tough. It’s not just that however, it’s the way He works in my life, the prayers He answers, the way He always makes His presence known to me.

I’m especially fond of His synchronicity, the way He puts words in other people’s mouths, the precise words I needed to hear, the confirmation and validation I was seeking from Him…spoken by others. Again and again….. and again, until there can be no mistake those words are meant just for me. My New Age friends would call it, “the universe is speaking to you.” In a way I suppose that is true, God is certainly as big as the universe, but the gentlemanly kindness of Jesus Christ always comes through loud and clear.

What an amazing thing Salvation is, a concept that defies all words, but how blessed we are to be chosen, to be pursued and loved, to be seen and known by Him, even in the midst of chaos and disorder, even when sticky and reeking of peanut butter.

Psalm 28:2 says, “Hear the voice of my supplications when I cry to You for help, When I lift up my hands toward Your holy sanctuary.

I have a wi/fi connection to God in the palm of my very hands. That’s better than Skype and all the worldly forms of communication, all put together. Sometimes when life gets very hard all I can manage is to lift up my hands towards Him. It seems like such a simple thing and I want to scoff, oh come now, that can’t possibly work, and yet it is everything, it makes all the difference in the world, it alters the very fabric of the universe, it changes the entire narrative.

Just like children, we can reach towards our Father and he will pick us up and fix everything, the way we feel, the problems before us, the challenges we face. He really does know how to bring rest for our souls.