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I focus a lot on controversial issues and sometimes criticize the alt-right, manospherians, who are doing what I perceive to be an atrocious job of representing men. It is somewhat funny that I consider this so offensive, but part of that is because I am rather fond of men as a group and I have high standards and great expectations. It was actually men who have taught me so much about grace and strength and truth and beauty, men deeply flawed and human, but so clearly possessing higher selves. What’s not to love there?

Anyway, for a change of pace from the lunkheads, there are so many men who actually get it right, so many who are genuinely leading, so many that fill me with hope and admiration. I can’t possibly list them all, so I’ll just post some of my favorites, those bloggers who focus on issues around masculinity, empowerment, culture, and relationships. They are  like a breath of fresh air and also some wonderful writers.

The Better Man Projects. Evan. He’s written so many beautiful things, but one of my favorites was his Of Oracles and Strong Women.

Must Be This Tall Ride , Matt  Just delightful, honest, poignant, powerful. He’s just written a post called The Death of Manhood.

Culture Monk, Kenneth, and he’s actually just released a book, so check it out. It’s a novel called The Culture

Blog and Mablog, Doug Wilson, who has also written several books himself. He has some fun wordsmithery and also a good understanding of scripture.

There are many, many others, some I visit less frequently due to time restraints. There are still others, women too, bloggers who delight me daily with their wisdom, but these four pursue some of my favorite things, intersections between culture, masculinity, and faith.