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There’s something I really like to do, throw open all the windows, hang the blankets out on the clothesline, and give the house a proper airing. I like to do this with people too, drag them out into the sunlight. I work with people who are often house bound, so getting them outside and into the sunlight can be very healing, emotionally, spiritually, physically. We’re people and not unlike plants we need some fresh air and sunlight, a bit of life energy to soak into our souls. There’s nothing sadder then being cooped up in a dark, airless room with the blinds closed.

I’ve never been very good at keeping things tucked away, keeping secrets. That’s where mold grows and infections, things that rot our souls, bacteria, in the dark and damp places where the air doesn’t circulate. Things can really grow in that environment too, become this big fermenting mass, covered in fuzzy mold and now unrecognizable. I think I’ve just described my refrigerator. Ewwww…

Spiritually, culturally, politically, I approach things this way too, drag that crap out into the sunlight! Expose it to some light, air it out, lance the infection, confront it and have a good look at what is lurking there. Let the air circulate and carry all those germs away and let the sunlight in.

Or the Son-light if you prefer, infuse it with that wonderful fragrance of sun-dried sheets hanging in the wind. There is just nothing in this world, not man-made fabric softeners, not dryers sheets, that can ever compare to the smell of that Son-light, of  His fragrance and it’s power to heal, to grant life.

Of course there is also a time to not engage, to walk away, to let it go, and there are some secrets that are a good thing, like those involving privacy and human dignity, secrets that aren’t ours to tell.

I can be a bit like that little kid that is always compelled to speak the truth at the most inopportune times. We grown ups like our masks and there’s nothing quite like a little kid interrupting and declaring, “but what about all the bad words Dad’s uses when he’s driving?” Or perhaps, “But Mom’s been wearing the same pajamas for days and hasn’t got dressed all week,” or whatever secrets lurk behind our masks. That’s why God made kids so cute, so we wouldn’t toss them out a window or something.

I cannot bear stagnant air, the tension of unspoken words, the thickness that hovers over people when everyone is afraid to speak the Truth or even what they perceive to be the truth, with a little “t.”

True story, hubby and I and the kids once walked by a neighbor’s house and there were clothes all over the front yard, broken furniture, and we all looked away uncomfortably for a few seconds, trying to distract the kids, trying to grant people some privacy, trying to ignore the mess that was right in front of us. It only lasted about 10 seconds before hubby quipped, “you don’t suppose they’re having marital troubles, do you?” Ahh, the relief, the humor, the release of fear and tension when you simply state the obvious. I really appreciate that about hubby, he’s as bad as I am about refusing to let sleeping dogs lie.

Some people wonder why I engage the culture, politics, those who are hostile to new ideas, why I lend any credence to false narratives, why I try to debate with the Wrongheaded Ones. Well, it’s becasue I like dragging things out into the sunlight, giving them a proper airing and watching the wind carry away all that stagnant air.

Some ask if it does any good, can any good thing come from all this strife and conflict? To which I can only say, I myself was once born into militant atheism, nourished by the far far left, quite the radical feminist for a few decades, who simply fell in love with Jesus Christ and later an earthly man, and it changed everything. God simply said, we’re flipping u-turn here, we’re making a 180, and in that process He sent me dozens of people not afraid to engage, not afraid to challenge my belief systems. Iron sharpens iron. We edify one another, we teach, we learn. “Edify” means instruct or improve someone morally and intellectually.

When people ask, can any good thing come of this, I am always reminded of those words, Can any good thing come from Nazareth? And Philip saith unto him, Come and see. -John 1:46

Come and see.