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“An Establishment Conservative’s Guide To The Alt-Right” is a rather longish article but a good expose on what is referred to as the alt right of the internet, partially encapsulating those I often call the manosphere, or “lunkheads” when the mood strikes me. They are a diverse group as this article attempts to explain, so I don’t wish to paint them all with the same brush or portray them all in a negative light.

However, speaking in generalities, rebels without a clue comes to mind, as well as the dangers of unchecked testosterone. I started reading the alt right several years ago, but plunged into it a bit deeper a few years back when I was attempting to understand what the heck was going on within our culture, why Marxism was becoming so popular, why feminism had been so hijacked, and what in world the far Left was rebelling against.

I also saw a candidate just like Trump coming on the horizon and I was trying to figure out how in the world we could go from Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am, Stuck in the middle with you. Someone once told me, “the middle? There’s nothing in the middle but roadkill!” Isn’t that the truth. One thing everybody hates is the middle, the truth, the reason based community that is always asking, are you people insane?

I spend a lot of time observing culture, politics, biology, the interplays going on within human behavior, cause and effect, systems, how we come to design the world we live in.

So some questions I had when I began this journey is what in the heck is with the Far Left, how can any human being come to these irrational conclusions, and what in the world are they reacting too? I live in the midst of the 9th circuit of hell, this is ground zero for the Far Left, also known as a tiny laboratory that often sends me fleeing in terror towards the safety of conservatism, small government, less intervention in our lives, traditional values. But I still seek to empathize, to understand. If we’re all going to go off a cliff, I’d like to know what motivated the driver to step on the gas before we all go crashing into the abyss.

The alt-right provides a really good peek into what lurks in people’s hearts, the rhetorical and emotional aspect of what motivates people to rebel against what they perceive as oppression, restriction, this suffocating thing called the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, that pretty much hates everybody and wants to eat puppies, revel in racism,  and oppress women.

I wanted to poke a stick in the Left’s boogey man and see if  he was real, if it was alive and breathing, a real thing or an imaginary enemy. The truth is a little of both. The alt- right can be pretty dang ugly, that part is real enough, but I suppose there’s some truth and beauty to be found there too. I’m a big fan of the market place of ideas and free speech, healthy debate.

Which brings the to the idea of rebellion, the entire concept of building a whole ideology around defiance and defense, reacting emotionally rather than thinking things through, perceiving oneself as being at war with others. That’s not a good place to be in the civilian world, because rather than focusing on creating a healthy system with a servant’s heart, you’re focused on sticking it to the man and damn the collateral damage in the process. Will to power, something that must be perpetually enforced by bullying  and well, force.

That is now true of both the Left and the Right, because make no mistake about it, Trump is the alt right candidate just as sure as Sanders belongs to the alt left, and neither of the ideologies bode well for our country at large, nor does the heart behind them, the attitudes of the people trying to  propel them into power.

There’s an old Irish blessing, “May you live in interesting times.” I’m doing my bestest to see it that way, to hang onto the idea that God has a way of making even the bad things fun for those of us in faith, but good grief, things are strange out there and we really are all perched on the edge of a cliff.

There is so much I want to say to people but of course they can’t hear me, wouldn’t listen even they could, but has no one studied political science, history, read the old science fiction tales, heard the lyrics behind the love songs, seen V for Vendetta? Doesn’t anyone know how the story always ends? Are people truly this uneducated, misinformed, unable to hear the canary in the coal mine, the poor little thing now no longer even chirping?

The pendulum always swings. I’ve come to see the truth in those words when it comes to politics, but this time it feels as if there are two pendulums, one coming at us from each side and who is standing right between the two? We are.

I’m left with Adele’s infamous Rolling in the Deep, lamenting about how we could have had it all, But you played it, you played it, you played it, you played it…… To the beat.

Like a complete moron,  I  might add.