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A couple search terms came through, the words people used to find my blog in various search engines and they were most encouraging, why do feminists deny biology, rebelling against biology, and fems hate biology. Encouraging terms because constantly observing  feminist opposition to biology is part of what motivated this blog, “See, there’s this thing called biology.” I found myself in discussions with fems and constantly pointing out, “but biology…”

There is often this downright pathological need to edit biology right of the equation entirely, so everything than becomes a social construct, the result of culture and indoctrination, meaning since we were only programmed to believe  the things we do, we can now be unprogrammed to believe them. We can now edit and rewrite entire creation story and disregard biological truth entirely.

That actually creeps me out on so many levels. Followed to it’s logical conclusion we soon arrive  at Shulamith Firestone’s dystopian vision expressed in her book, The Dialectic of Sex, in which she says, “so the end goal of feminist revolution must be … not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself: genital differences between human beings would no longer matter culturally.”

Shulamith, heavily influenced by Marxism, envisions a world of artificial reproduction, laboratory uteruses, and pretty much the elimination of relationships between men and women, and the erasure of gender entirely. Hidden behind her words is this idea that she sets out to prove, men are simply incapable of love.

All in good humor here, but trigger alert! I read her tale when I was still young and impressionable and the idea that men are simply incapable of love rattled my cage. Kind of interesting, in yet another feminist paradox, Shulamith, while rejecting all aspects of biology as nothing more than equations we can edit at will, does hold onto this idea that men are so ruled by biology they are simply incapable of love.

It’s a tragic, nihilistic, heartbreaking concept, one reflected in Shulamith’s life, where she eventually dies alone, unloved, still believing men are incapable of love. But is it really true? Are men incapable of love? Because if men are incapable of love, then women serve no purpose in the equation either. The men we align ourselves with, sacrifice ourselves for, fancy ourselves in love with, are incapable of ever loving us back? How tragic that would be!

A bit amusing, but flash forward many years and we suddenly have the red pills, these cultians as nihilistic and tragic as Shulamith,  the blue pill representing the world of delusion where men believe in romance, love, honor, versus the red pill truth, where women this time, are simply  biologically incapable of love. Hypergamy, biology, programming, assorted evo/psych theories, solipsism, have all rendered women completely incapable of love.

But is it true? No, no it is not, it is a false and untrue as Shulamith’s own vision long ago, but rooted in the very same thing, this inability to face the truth of one’s own mortality, a paralyzing fear of one’s own insignificance, and an unwillingness to let go of control. To be trapped in a world incapable of love, to never know the love that God has for us, to believe one is attracted to these creatures incapable of ever returning your love, now that truly is hell.

Fortunately there is this built in fail safe for the mindless ramblings of man (or woman) and it is see there’s this thing called biology, this wonderful thing God created, this built in fail safe that prevents us from wandering too far astray. No matter how hard we try to edit, ignore, or manipulate the truth, it  will always rear it’s head.