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Incorrigible is an interesting word, we tend to associate it in negative ways, incorrigible kids, incorrigible crooks, but really it simply means, not able to be corrected, improved, or reformed.” There is only One who is holy and perfect, one who cannot be corrected, improved, or reformed, One truly worthy of the word “incorrigible” in the best possible way, as a word of praise and admiration. God simply cannot be improved on.

God is incorrigible and to fully understand what I mean, one must picture the admiration (and exasperation) that women will sometimes express when a favored son is doing exactly what he wants to do, not necessarily a bad thing, but something simple like once again putting his feet up on the coffee table when you aren’t looking. “Incorrigible,” said with good humor and a bit of amusement, because to be incorrigible is not always a bad thing, but if you are hoping to correct someone it is a bit like walking into a wall.

The idea of attempting to “correct, improve, or reform” God may sound a bit silly to some, but we can be silly people, so it is actually quite common among us. I think I may have tried every trick in the book myself, to out reason Him, to argue scripture with Him, bargaining, begging, denial, and just plain old trying to hide. I cannot even begin to tell you how patient, how kind, how gentle God has been about it all. I am often like a little kid stuck in the why’s, why, why,why? Yes, but why? And yet always He has shown me “why,” sometimes in ways that feel too big for my brain, but He has always led me to the truth and helped me to understand in a dozen different ways.

He is the Great Comforter too, and when things are just too painful for us to understand, He catches our tears in a bottle, He offers us His peace that surpasses all understanding.

You simply cannot tame the Lion. Well you can certainly try, but it doesn’t work. God knows us too well, each of us as individuals and all of us collectively. There really is nothing new under the sun, people have been trying to out manuever God since the dawn of time.

“Corrigible” is a word that means capable of being corrected and rectified. People in general must have some capacity to be teachable, willing to be corrected, but God Himself cannot be improved on, cannot be corrected, cannot be tamed in order to conform to our image, in order to become more pleasing to us, in order to confirm our own biases.

God is God and cannot be tamed, but God is also very good, and if we can soften our heart and humble ourselves, He will reveal Himself to us.

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