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“Love is not pie, love is Pi, irrational and never ending.”

I really like the quote above, but I’m not sure who first said it. Although strawberry rhubarb pie is pretty amazing, it is not irrational, infinite, nor does it give substance and structure to our lives. Mathematical Pi however, that’s what makes the world go ’round. Without Pi we’d all just be living squiggly lines.

Infinite and irrational! Some people have said I am irrational, which I promptly assume has something to do with math and take as a compliment. Which characteristic as a human being is better to have, a rational or an irrational number? Never mind.

In the context of faith I have been pondering how, The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Conversely however, we are also told to lean not unto thine own understanding….because as we learn later, believing themselves wise they became fools.

Many people favor one or the other, the heart or the head, the left brain or the right brain, the rational or the irrational, the emotional or the reason based. There is no inferior, superior here. It is simply about personality, the language we speak, the way our brains function best as individuals. Many of us strive to try to maintain some balance between the two. Somewhat amusing to me, the bible informs us that both are highly flawed. We are either lead by our foolish brains or our wicked hearts.

Well, some of us are actually lead by the Holy Spirit and by scripture, and brought back into line when we slip too far into our own heart or mind, but I speak of people in general and our different learning styles, the different languages we speak. Everybody serves a purpose in God’s kingdom and the harmony to be found there can be quite delightful sometimes. Everyone has a note to play in this orchestra, different skills and weaknesses they bring to the equation. The more we honor that and value the diversity, the better our music is going to be.

I find the entire notion of equality to be rather boring because it demands sameness. Respect for human dignity is a good thing indeed, knowing that everyone has worth and value is good too, but equality, sameness? No fun at all! When it comes to men and women, equality becomes an even stranger concept. It is our differences that draw us towards one another, our inequalities that bring us together. Like strawberry rhubarb pie. The tart and the sweet, the blending of those flavors is what makes it so good.

Pie however, you can only cut into 8 pieces and then it is gone. Love is more like Pi, irrational and infinite.


***This is a repost from about a month ago because today is Pi Day, March 14, third month 14th day, a never ending 3.14 . Happy Pi Day everyone!