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We have another storm barreling down on us, having just finished with the last one. Storms are unpredictable, so this one could weave on over and bypass us…or not. 70 mile an hour winds. It’s very wet out there, flooded, and tree roots are quite lose, so I am mildly concerned. We’re fine where we’re perched, but high winds don’t bode well for many around us. Easter-time often brings  storms, so this is to be expected, it’s just that we haven’t had a really good one in a number of years and we’re overdue.

I enjoy a good storm, the real kind, not the storms of life. I can hardly abide drama, trauma, stress, probably being permanently damaged from having lived too long with teen-agers, full grown ones sometimes, too. I like peace among the people, dispersed with some healthy conflict and good natured resolution. Those are the things that make my soul sing.

My hubby is amazing in storms, the storms of life, I mean. He is like a rock that people can cling to and he brings a lot of calm to raging emotions.  He’s taught me many things about defusing and bringing the level of emotion down. Sometimes I suspect my husband may actually enjoy these things, it gives him the opportunity to really shine. Myself, I much prefer the real storms, raging wind, crashing waves, thunder and lightening, and not teen-agers slamming doors or people screaming at you.

I once lined all the doors with weather stripping and put silicone dots on all the kitchen cupboards, to stop people from slamming them so energetically. It was somewhat funny, for a while nobody could figure out how to bang anything in our house in frustration. I empathize there, I have certainly been known to kick a few chairs and throw tea cups myself, but times five the noise of people crashing around in the midst of an emotional meltdown just got to be too much. Unfortunately, most of the padding has now worn down over the years.

Just sitting here waiting for the storm to hit and pondering how blessed I’ve been to have this husband who handles storms so well, the people kind. I sometimes think of him as an earthy rock, just an ordinary man really, but one that has often brought calm to our storms. I really like how husbands, fathers, marriage in general, can lend such meaning to those words in The Word, and meaning to the songs of praise we sing.