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I must pause to have a wry chuckle here, a few times I have read comments suggesting that Christians in general are indoctrinated, this mindless mob, all marching in lockstep. I come from some real cultian secularism, so I empathize with the fear, with the concern expressed when it comes to people’s capacity to bypass critical thinking skills and just blindly follow the herd right over the edge of a cliff.

I do not however, believe that Christians areΒ  an indoctrinated mob, in fact I believe we are the precise opposite and here is why. While I am sometimes on the internet reading comments from non believers about how Christians all march in lockstep, that is juxtaposed against constantly fielding questions like, What kind of a Christian are you? Catholic? Orthodox? Protestant? Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist? Evangelical, fundamentalist, or liberal? Is the bible the literal word of God or metaphorical? King James only? Are you a Calvinist? Arminianism? What’s your TULIP? Pauline or Augustine?Β  Logos, ethos, or pathos? Sophist? Eschatology? Post trib, pre trib, or the rapture? What’s your hermeneutical? Paedocommunion? Hypostatic Union?

Good grief! I don’t know what half this stuff even means, nor do I particularly care. I’m the one that had to go look up “apologetics” because I wasn’t apologizing for nothing. Right or wrong, as far as I am concerned the unity of the Body of Christ is at the foot of the cross and everything else is just flavor, discussions about how much salt is in the soup and whether or not it needs more. Some people really enjoy studying this kind of thing, which is wonderful, but I’m just immersed in His word and frequently busy falling in love.

I must declare however, with great delight, that nope, an indoctrinated mob Christians are not.