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We’re at war apparently, a metaphorical war, a cultural war, the left against the right, good against evil, or so I have been informed by one of the far right’s best and brightest members. That’s sarcasm by the way, I hardly think he’s worthy of the title.

I did write this post solely for the pleasure to be derived from mocking him or perhaps kicking the three legged chair of wobbly ideology out from under him. However, principles before personalities, and if I really wanted Mr. Right to suffer, I’d just accidentally step on his internet oxygen tube or something.

This idea of war, however and how I better get it together and pick my side, compels me to ask, “Gee, I hope this is not like the war on drugs or the war on poverty or the war on plastic shopping bags or something, because whenever we declare war on some cultural or social issue, we always, and I do mean always, make the problem much, much worse!”

War is something that happens in the physical, a grievous and tragic thing, hopefully only undertaken when all other options have been exhausted. War is flat out about completely annihilating the enemy and all his resources. Might makes right and your job is to wrought total destruction, generally involving a great deal of collateral damage.

That is war and as such, war has no place in domestic matters or socio/political clashes here at home, tucked away safely in the civilian world. You cannot declare war on your own self and even though some of your fellow countrymen may make you angry, you must find away to win hearts and minds. To declare war on what you perceive as social ills is a war you not only can’t win, but one you can only make worse.

How’s the war on drugs working out? The war on poverty? The war on the economy? I rest my case.

Naturally I never really rest my case, nor do I ever seem to run out of words, but I just wanted to pause here and speak once more, impotently, shrieking hysterically into cyberspace, but the right side of the aisle, the conservative side of things, simply must get rid of this idea that they are fighting a culture war. Wrong war, wrong King, wrong target.

People wonder why elections are so often lost, why the Left so often seems to gain the moral upper hand. Well, it is simple really, you keep declaring war on people, and people reluctant to serve as your collateral damage, tend to just vote for the other guy.

Needless to say, my futile efforts to try to deliver this message and place it in the hands of those who have a conservative bent, is always graciously received. Goes over like a ton of hot bricks.

They are fighting a war, donja know. I do know. And pretty much everyone who doesn’t serve in your battalion is now the enemy. So the message than becomes, vote for our guy, he’ll perceive you all as the enemy! Americans are not always the sharpest tools in the shed, but that idea does give many of us pause.

I can’t fix it of course or change it or even influence it in any way. Heck, I can’t even convince Mr. Right that his racial epithets and vile comments about women do more harm to his cause than good. It’s true however, there is a symbiosis to the world, a cause and effect at play. We often get the exact government we deserve.

What’s always so maddening, is that even those of us who know better, who do better, must get the government you deserve.