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Ha! I do so love a man who speaks his mind, plainly and with conviction, so kudos to Matt Walsh. It strikes me as ironic however, that same outspoken masculine conviction is partially what has seduced many towards Donald Trump. Even I am entertained by his antics, even I cheer when the man refuses to be shamed into apologizing or backtracking. However, the reasoning part of my brain continues to function too, and I have a sharp eye for snake oil, coconut candy, and bovine poo.

Here is Walsh’s post, “Dear Trump Fan, So You Want Someone To ‘Tell It Like It Is’? OK, Here You Go.”

Walsh nailed so many good points, so click to read the whole thing, but this jumped out at me the most because it is something I predicted was going to happen long ago.

He says, “You’re excited by the most vile statements and most cretinous behavior imaginable — not remotely deterred by any of it, no matter how many times he gloats over infidelity, curses his opponents, and publicly ogles his own children — because, you say, it’s politically incorrect. That is how unfathomably desperate you are for someone to come along and just say what’s on their mind, you claim. You’re so fed up with political correctness that you celebrate political incorrectness without distinguishing between the healthy sort and the “LOL I slept with married women and I’m not sorry” sort.”

Yep. Cause and effect, one side reacting in emotional response to the other. Symbiosis. The pendulum always swings. The problem being, when we are always trapped in defiant emotionalism and rhetoric, often our brains fall out, not unlike someone who has been spinning round and round on the pendulum. The first thing to go are usually our powers of discernment, I don’t care how you stop the merry go round, just stop this awful spinning. Stop the ride I want off!

And so we arrive at, I hate political correctness so, so much,  I now enthusiastically embrace all political incorrectness, no matter what! So pro-choice, I’m a “Christian” who doesn’t believe in the need for forgiveness of sins,  liberal, Democratic supporting Donald Trump, becomes the conservative darling. Bahahaha!

Some people may not be aware of this, but some of my trips into the manosphere, the redpills, the alt right, and the gamer boys, have revolved around trying to get a feel for how ripe people are for the plucking, how easily played and gamed they will be, and what is so seductive about that particular manipulation of the narrative, how it plays off our biology…a tool used by the man who actually wrote the book on how to game the electorate. Gaming the gamers, really quite funny if you ask me. Of course, there is also the part about how, is it really a good idea to chase the bad boy and sign up for a one night stand you may regret later?

Just close your eyes folks and feel the music…..or perhaps think of the Queen and not his toupee. I’m quite sure this will end well. Or, at least it will end….