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We people can be so good at murmuring, complaining, obsessing, identifying all that is wrong with our world, that we have actually erased an entire word! Everyone knows what “disgruntled” means, right?  It means “not gruntled.” To be gruntled is to be pleased, satisfied, and contented.

While I was definitely busy being disgruntled about life in general and obsessing over words, I came driving  down a hill and caught a glimpse of one of those m0ments suspended in time, a breath taking full moon reflecting across ripples on the water. She was just lovely, bedazzling, romantic, all that creamy moonlight pouring forth, and as if that was not perfect enough, she was was flanked by two crescent shaped purple clouds that cast a violet glow across the mountains.

I wanted to pull out a camera, to freeze frame the moment, to capture it for all of eternity, but moonlight is an elusive thing to photograph and even if I had such skills, a flat two dimensional picture just wouldn’t do it justice. Nor would it capture the essence of the moment, the subjective experience of being enveloped in that moonlight, wrapped in the magic, the romance, as if God Himself had painted a picture just for me, a masterpiece that no human could ever hope to duplicate.

Now perhaps God did not make the moon just for me, but He certainly placed me right in that location, at just the right time, and gave me the eyes to see while He softly whispered, “Look. Look at what I have created just for you.” And His peace, that peace that surpasses all understanding, that just washes over you as you bear witness to such glory, well that cannot be captured with a camera either.

Gruntled in the moonlight, pleased, satisfied, and contented, but enchanted and excited too, and caught up in the magic, in the expectation of dreams, in the fantasy of things like fairies made of white chocolate melting in your hand and dew kissed moonbeams dancing off snow berries. How can one not fall in love with such beauty and long to know the Artist? Ache to know the Artist, with a hunger that speaks of lost love, of long forgotten memories, of parched thirst on a hot day.

He can speak a lifetime into one moment of moonlight, a profound conversation without words, but one that has the power to change everything, to suspend your disbelief, to change all that you think you know, to pull you towards Him, to leave you ruined, wrecked, ravished, never the same again.

I suppose some people can reason their way into a relationship with Him, but for me I must simply close my eyes, feel the music, and fall in love.

 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Psalms 19:1