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Something that strikes me as kind of funny is this idea that “you can’t define what is normal.” Oh, but I think I can! Normal is “conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.” There is an objective standard, it does exist, and although we may all be a little Abby Normal and fall short of our own ideals, that does not mean that what is usual, typical, or expected, now no longer exists.

It seems as if within culture there are a whole lot of people who wish to exist outside the range of normal, but they wish to be accepted and praised for their choices, indeed, they wish to be perceived as normal, as now being representative of the standard. The standard itself must now move to accommodate them.

No one must ever be hurt of offended by the truth, by the fact that they are indeed, way outside the norm. So along comes the idea that, “you can’t define normal!” Normal is now alleged to be a totally subjective thing based entirely on people’s experiences and feelings. No it isn’t. It is an objective standard,  a mutually agreed upon definition of what is expected.

In a free society, you can pretty much pursue whatever path you want, but you cannot demand that everyone embrace your choices as healthy and then proceed to demand the very standards for what is normal must now be changed.

You especially cannot demand that the whole entire world change their expectations when you are part of a very small minority. I have absolutely no sympathy for this nonsense. This is not just about gender, 3 way marriages, and heteronormative cis-privilege, this is about mores and culture and politics. If we continue to erase the very definition of “normal,” soon we’ll just exist in a society with no standards at all.