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You cannot be a feminist and a Christian? Sure you can. You can be a feminist and a Christian. You can be an alcoholic and a Christian.  You can be an inmate and a Christian. You can be a complete moron and be a Christian. Only God knows what is in someone’s heart.

Can you be a red pill and a Christian? Now that one seriously gives me pause. I’ve read some atheists bloggers who have made an excellent case for no, on account of the fact that being a red pill requires a level of idolatry that leaves no room for Jesus Christ. Not saying I agree, just that I found it encouraging that someone else saw the inherent problems within red pill ideology and how they completely clash with everything Jesus Christ taught.

So, Deep says, “Feminism is the promotion and glorification of rebellion.” Pretty much, yes. Rebellion, as in insurrection, opposition to authority, non compliance, disobedience. Many Fems would probably agree.

He than goes on to quote “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” Uh yeah, I don’t think those are feminists. Those wolves in sheep’s clothing are actually not secularists hollering about the patriarchal nature of religion. Those wolves are dressed as sheep, as in disguised within the church as believers. They are not dressed as a giant pink uterus or a dancing satin lady bit engaged in some odd protest on a street corner.

How ironic because I believe I posted about this very thing just this morning, Deep continues,  “Within marriage and male and female relationships feminism aims at distorting the natural pairing of authority and responsibility. ” Yes, indeed! But let us look at where one might acquire an aversion to authority. Perhaps in childhood, perhaps under adverse conditions, perhaps within sexual abuse, perhaps while under male authority that was so abused and perverted, the only healthy and sane response is outright rebellion?

Perhaps Christian men, rather than complaining about how women rule the world and how husbands are now slaves to women’s feelings, you could set your own suffering aside for a moment and attempt to empathize? You could even reach out to a feminist, perhaps share the gospel with her? Maybe you could look beneath the surface and see the wounding there? Feminists don’t just spring forth from a vacuum, they are made and created  and what they desperately need are healthy examples of men in their lives.

Naturally that requires one to take up responsibility and authority, you know, those two things feminists are allegedly trying to rob you of.

Or, I suppose you could just call ALL women feminists, accuse ALL women of rebellion, perhaps endlessly murmur and whine about how churchianity now “absolves women of responsibility for the origins of their own sins.” Than you can proceed to deny women any chance of redemption or salvation and further declare “you cannot be a Christian and a feminist.” You could do those things, but I get the distinct impression they are not going to be very helpful.

There is also something to be said for getting the plank out of your own eye.