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It tends to frustrate me no end that we live in a time where people struggle so hard with concepts like power and authority, especially in the context of marriage, faith, and politics. Same thing, all’s fair in love and war, right? Actually, politics are about a relationship and so is marriage, so the two are really very similar.

So, where ever you have responsibility, you also have authority. The two are always entwined. Responsibility without authority is just called being a scapegoat. Authority without taking any responsibility is just called being an arrogant jerk. This applies to either gender.

If you suddenly find yourself responsible for something, you have now been assigned authority over it. You hold the power. Step into it, because it now belongs to you.

Unfortunately, along with authority comes responsibility and accountability, meaning if something goes awry, it is your fault. Your actions, choices, decisions, now impact another.

If you are the head and the fish is rotting, well, fish rots from the head down. That is just the way it is. None of us in positions of authority really like accepting and embracing that fact, but it is the truth. Leaders lead. If you lead a bunch of the wildebeests off a cliff, well, you can’t blame the wildebeests. You were the one driving the herd.

So Donal Graeme (and assorted other pillians,) in the process of completely mangling scripture, actually asked this question:

“What I am curious about is whether there is any Scriptural support for the notion that the sins committed by a person under authority are transferred to the person in authority.”

Donal and company, as gently and kindly as possible, yes there is. We call that the gospel. As in,  while we were yet sinners,  God sent His only begotten son to take our sins upon Himself on the cross. Our sins were transferred to the person in authority who took all of our accountability upon Himself. One might even say that is the entire message of the cross.

That Scriptural support you seek and yet cannot ever seem to find, is called Jesus Christ.