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TEN WORDS_zpswp1r9qglIt is always possible that you have managed to solve the Christian riddle, that you have found the truth, that you have exposed the man behind the curtain. It is always possible that you have now cleverly reasoned your way to a place that billions of people who have walked before you could never find.

It is always possible that you are now much smarter than the nearly 3 billion believers currently on the planet. I suppose such things can happen. It is possible that 3 billion people who have allegedly evolved just as you have, have somehow managed to get it all wrong. Perhaps you are not really a member of the human race, perhaps through some evolutionary quirk you have attained a level of intelligence not often seen among the others.

Perhaps you are an entirely new species, one capable of rising above and beyond the mere mortals, one not affected by the human experience, a new and improved version, so vastly intelligent, you need not even bother to take the human experience into account at all. Perhaps you are correct, perhaps 3 billion of your less evolved brothers and sisters have been deceived in such obvious and transparent ways, even a child should be able to see it.

Anything is possible, never say never. You may well be orbiting around on some plane of existence that has somehow managed to elude the 3 billion others.

Or, perhaps Occam’s razor applies here. Perhaps the simplest, most obvious explanation is that your own thinking is flawed, that your own misunderstanding is deeply ingrained, that the highly evolved plane of existence that now separates you from 3 billion other humans is simply a figment of your own imagination.

Not that it needs to really be said, but God sacrificed Himself to save us from the nature of our own selves. This creature He made, this creature of dirt, after being clearly told and warned of what the consequences of our own actions would be, went ahead and decided to defy the Creator of the universe and give it a go anyway. You shall surely die!

God in His infinite mercy however, did not allow us to die off right than, He gently clothed us in skins and set us forth into the world, already having a plan to redeem us, a seed born of woman who would not only walk the Earth to experience what we experience,  but who would also go on to give up His very life for us.

That is the God I know. He sacrificed Himself to save us from our own selves. We have victory too, His victory! We are wonderfully and fearfully made, in His image, called to reach towards our higher selves, to fully embrace Him.

Or to separate yourself from those other 3 billion humans and from God Himself, because you as a little quirk of vastly superior evolution, have somehow managed to go where no man has gone before. 3 billion to one, however? Those are odds only a fool would bet on.