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I can hardly watch the news anymore. For one it’s so packed with propaganda and bias it makes me lament and grieve for those old fashioned journalistic ideas like just give the “what, where, and why” and allow readers to form their own opinions. Forget that, that simply isn’t done anymore. It’s more like “watch us and we will tell you how you feel, what you believe, and shape your opinion for you.” I have an aversion to people messing with my head and feeding me coconut candy.

Second of all, it’s downright terrifying. As in, good grief, is this this human race? I mean, I already know we’re rather sad and a pathetic, but this is just ridiculous. Part of the problem is that their job is to search the globe for dirty laundry. So out of 7 billion people in the world, they zone in on the one guy who tossed an alligator through the drive through window at Wendy’s. That really happened! Well allegedly anyway, you can’t even be certain every story they tell is real. After watching just that one story my entire perception of the world was filled with lunatics who terrorize fast food workers.

To free my mind of that horror, there was a terrible tiger mating accident at the zoo. The female tiger got killed. There’s no moral to this story, nothing we can really learn here, but the words “mating accident” are pretty good click bait. I clicked! I mean, who doesn’t want to know about the potential dating dangers of tigers?

There was a case where some 46 cops and correction officers got swept up in a corruption drug bust. That’s just downright depressing but corruption, people misusing their authority, is so over done these days as to be downright boring. I mean, you want something rare and unusual, try finding someone ethical with a servant’s heart. We’d probably all point and stare as if the aliens had landed. Some would probably even laugh, like, what a moron! Where’s the payoff in having integrity and ethics?

I should have just thrown in the towel at this point, but the case of the missing feet has once again captured my imagination. For those who don’t know, about a dozen feet have now washed up on the beach. That’s pretty horrifying and gruesome, but what fascinates me is that nobody really seems to care. These stories are a paragraph in the back of the paper somewhere. Or a few lines on the news, so nonchalant, so unconcerned, as if yep, more disembodied feet have been found. Oh well, such is life.

Human feet just kind of bob up and down in the ocean, like the way the rain falls and the sun rises. They’re also quick to point out that authorities have no reason to suspect foul play. This just drives me crazy. I mean the very fact that you have discovered human body parts where they don’t belong, must mean something. Like, where did they come from? Why are they there? What does this mean? Call me crazy, but I don’t think this is normal. I think there’s a story in there somewhere.

So we grieve for an alligator and a tiger and reassure everyone that the mystery of the missing human feet is really no big deal, certainly nothing worth looking into, no foul play, no cause for concern, just move along now…..

I can hardly watch the news anymore. It just messes with my head and it’s already messy up there.