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Exceptionalism is a word that has many negative connotations in the modern world, but it simply means, the condition of being different from the norm, unusually good, much better than average, unusual or uncommon.

When I look about the world today I see a politically correct culture focused so much on equality, it is like a race to perpetual mediocrity. Few want to be perceived as thinking too highly of themselves, or of their faith, or of their country, or heaven forbid, get caught suggesting that some things may be vastly superior to other things. That’s thought to be mean, unfair.

In the context of faith this is problematic because if one thinks all beliefs are valid, why in the world would you bother to stand up for your own? Why defend the faith if the worse thing that can happen is that it will be replaced with another equally viable belief system?

If you do not believe America and our form of government is exceptional, then why bother, why fight for her? Why even vote or participate in any way at all? If what we have is not superior to all other systems, than just replace it with a monarchy or tyranny or communism or something.

Let’s bring it all the way home and suggest that if one does not believe their own spouse is exceptional, than why stick with them, why invest? There are a lot of other mates on the monkey tree. And kids, well hey, you are nothing special either, one kid is just like another, I could find a replacement.

You can see the potential problem inherent with this kind of thinking, this kind of false humility that demands we perceive all things as equal, all systems and beliefs as valid, and that we never risk alienating anyone or hurting their feelings by suggesting differently. Woe be to us if we were say that one thing may be superior to another and that someone else may just be flat out wrong about the world around them.

Many people seem to get frustrated with the struggle and just walk away. Politics are one thing, marriages are another, but when it comes to faith, there can be no waffling, no refusing to stand up, no unwillingness to declare exceptionalism. That is simply appalling.

This is just something that drives me crazy. I’m not sure what is worse, those who believe it should be my way right or wrong, or those who believe all things are valid and equal.