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This post may well make no sense to those who do not understand the history. Also, I’m going to indulge in a bit of harsh judgmentalism, rather shamelessly, too.

Anyone who wishes for farther context may read Graeme’s “A Wicked Project.” I’m only going to address two brief parts.

1.‘Spherian writer pens a post in which he takes a stand that goes against the common grain (as far as general society is concerned)…..

2. A woman reads this and blows up. She says that the post is evidence that the men of the sphere are horrible human beings and that the writer has something wrong with him. ….

First off, ‘spherians of the red pill sort say absolutely nothing that takes a stand or goes against the common grain of society. In fact, the majority of what they all spout is redundant, boring, and based on the poorly recycled ideas of dozens of others who have came before them. They are about as cutting edge as socialism is.

Second of all, very few people even care what the pillians blather on about. Harsh but true. I can hardly cough up any interest in what you yahoos are doing, let alone convince anyone else to care.

Third of all, I cannot recall the last time I blew up, thought emotionally (or rhetorically,) or even got a good and proper upset going on. As a matter of fact, it sure seems as if I am always the one trying to speak gently in the face of great shrieking, panic, and assorted melodrama. I do laugh sometimes, and I so hope you’ll forgive me, but I’ve never known grown men to descend into a complete hissy fit. That stuff is downright hysterical.

So let me be perfectly reason based and logical here, y’all are a bunch of lunkheads who would benefit greatly from increasing the amount of fiber on your breakfast cereal. Your theories are flawed, your communication skills are sorely lacking, and most of you have the manners of a goat. To make matters worse, your understanding of scripture is deeply flawed, and so your alleged leadership abilities as Christian men are hereby revoked. As if they were ever granted in the first place…

One more thing. There’s nothing the least bit wicked about being “wicked.” If you ever want to do something really defiant, “bad,” courageous, ground breaking, try following Christ. It’s quite an adventure and will challenge you in ways you can never imagine.

Also, not to put too fine of a point on it, but I do believe I’ve already given you more female attention than you’re ever likely to encounter elsewhere in life. That could be because women are all crazy….. or it could be because so many of you are full of coconut candy and have a lousy disposition.  Makes no difference to me what you want to believe.

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