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The submission wars, that is such an amusing oxymoron I must take the time to acknowledge some humor here. As someone smart once quipped, you’re rather fierce for a  submissive. That still cracks me up. Ah yes, the fearlessness of faith. God is good indeed.

For those who don’t know, often running in the background of my blogging is all this relentless abuse, mockery, and criticism from a pile of red pillians, yes often from people calling themselves “Christians.” It is pretty significant, harsh, and graphic. Graphic. Spiritual and psychological abuse.

It is also proof that the spirit of Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar live on and march freely in the modern world. As in woah people, a Christian sister here, trapped in the 9th circuit of hell, dealing with issues that would have crushed someone far badder than me, and all you can think to do is to drive by and kick me in the head?

Such is the nature of man….and woman. Oh women, don’t even get me started on some of the stoopid I have encountered there. In the name of Almighty God, can we women take the stoopid to a whole new level or what? (Don’t worry, He already knows. It’s not like I’m  revealing any secrets here.)

So let me address MS Eliphaz, MS Bildad, and MS Zophar. And also Sunshine, who at least has not outright shrieked about what a rebellious and horrible Jezebel I am, who would make the world a better place if I just killed myself. I kid you not, that was one of the first comments I received when I started marriage blogging. Those words came from the mouth of a man professing to be following Christ and they were enthusiastically embraced by a couple of women. A couple of women who then professed I was doing marriage wrong, doing faith wrong, doing submission wrong, etc, etc. I suspect the intent was to try to beat me down into submission?

My sweet, gentle spirit roiled forth I tell ya, rose up and said, oh hell no. I think not.

So here is what I want the ladies to know, and by ladies, I sure do include some of those middle-school-mean-girl men. My God is good, my marriage is sweet, I am not married to a jerk, and when you encounter a Christian sister on the internet or on the ground, do not pointlessly attack her. She may need some encouragement, some love, to see Jesus Christ reflected within you….. or she may need nothing at all. Regardless, foaming at the mouth with rabid hostility, is probably NOT what we are called to do.

Here is what I have said about submission in marriage over and over again, everywhere I go. I still mean it too, every word:

“To surrender all to Jesus Christ is healthy, joyful for women, and in another context that is what it supposed to be like in marriage too. Although men may well reap the benefits of having a happy, contented wife, the concept of submission actually shows God’s great love for His daughters. It is about our freedom from bondage, our ability to rejoice and have some emotional peace in our lives. God doesn’t want women oppressed and downtrodden, He wants us blessed and able to shine the way He intended us to. That can be challenging in a broken world, but the design is a good one and reflects the great love He has for us.”

So, Sunshine, why should she obey God? Because God has declared that she has such innate worth and value to Him that He willingly laid down His very life for us. We obey because we now trust that He has our best interests at heart. It is His great love that draws us towards Him. It is not unlike the relationship we often have with our own husbands, love and honor often leads such men to be willing to die if necessary, sacrificing their very lives just to protect us. No greater love…that is why we submit.

The question from non believers and fems has come up frequently, so what would you do if your husband suddenly wanted you to rob a bank? Well, obviously I would just start writing romantic Bonnie and Clyde poetry and enjoying the resurgence of 1930’s fashion…

Seriously people, God gave us a brain for a reason and powers of discernment, too. We do not honor Him by ignoring the gifts He has given us and failing to use them.

What God may like even more than our submission, are the fruits to be found  there,  our kind, gentle spirits, rising up like a sweet fragrance unto Him.

“…making melody in your heart to the Lord….Submitting yourselves one to another…”