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I’m chuckling here, after reading a few hundred blog comments, I have the urge to pound on my keyboard and speak of emotionally stunted human beings who have become a parody of their own selves.

On some level we are all emotionally stunted parodies of ourselves, but than there is Teh Stupid. Teh Stupid just breaks new ground, it takes the foolishness of men soaring out into the cosmos, with all the boastful confidence of the truly arrogant, unholy, irreconcilable, malicious, without self control, haters of good….

And then of course, God plants an ear worm in my head today, out of context, sweetness in such sharp contrast to what I am reading, I just want to laugh. As is typical of an ear worm, I cannot escape those words, and soon I am compelled to sing them, to acknowledge their existence so they will leave me be, leave me in peace where I am free to shriek about the heartbreaking foolishness of men…

Just a closer walk with thee. Grant it Jesus, is my plea. Daily walking close to thee, Let it be, dear Lord, Let it be…

But of course as I am singing those words, it is His peace that begins to fill me, to wash over me, even as I wonder at those words, as I ponder, are they a sign, are they intended just for me this m0rning? Let it be, dear Lord, Let it be. And of course in my crazy brain, now John Lennon is whispering those same words of wisdom to me.

Let it be.

His abundant peace just starts to pour all over me, cooling my anger, washing it away, and soon I am singing the only other verse I can remember, I am weak, but thou art strong. Jesus keep me from all wrong. I’ll be satisfied as long. As I walk, let me walk close to thee.

And then clear as a bell I hear the words, Be ye angry but do not sin.

Did you know, in my crazy emotional world, without His guidance, without His love, I really would try to pick all that up, to grab for this thing I call Teh Stupid, the foolishness of men, like one might reach out for forbidden fruit, taking all that negativity upon my self, wrapping it up in angst and anger, and the silliest thing of all, encasing it in this crazy idea that I can somehow fix it? As if it all belongs to me, as if it is even mine to fix, as if the foolishness of men has not existed since the dawn of time.

But I know there really is nothing new under the sun and I know that there are no words I can pour all over it to fix this thing, I know that nothing but the blood of Jesus, nothing but His grace, can ever cure what ails us.

Still, it is quite maddening to bear witness to. As if God Himself does not already know that, as if He has not been watching us repeat this macabre dance over and over again, generation after generation….

Just a closer walk with thee….. in the cool of the evening, in that garden of long ago, the garden He handed back to us on the cross, the victory He has already given us…. if we just knew how to reach out for it, how to pluck it from His outstretched hand.