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lifeOkay, so this is a bit corny, but if this is your life, you need to stand up, maybe walk around a bit. Seriously, all this sitting would depress anyone. I suppose some people do have jobs where they just sit around and homes they go to, “to sit,” but this is an awful lot of sitting. Try standing up once in a while, maybe moving around.

I would like to have this problem, my job often involves standing. Just standing there, patiently waiting for disaster. I kid you not, it’s kind of ghoulish. In fact, my job description actually contains the words, “standby.” Just stand by in case you are needed. That’s not a “sit by,” because if one were to sit, it would take one too long to get up.

Second of all, being an adult is an illusion. It is simply play acting. No one is actually an “adult” as if that means something. We are all children, trust me. Unbelievably immature children. This adulting thing is just something we tell ourselves because it implies we’re responsible and independent or something.

As to sitting at home wishing you had a life, that’s just fabulous. I would do that too, but unfortunately sitting at home is not possible either. There is just no where to sit. By the time I get home every possible surface is heaped with people’s things, their laundry, their back packs, their books, their stuff. Apparently that is what furniture is for. It is one step more civilized than just throwing everything on the floor. I have spent some 30 years wailing, “where are the people supposed to go? There’s no room in this house for any people!” Than I say really trite things like, “furniture is for people to sit on.” I have always thought that was rather self evident, but apparently not.

One last thing, all this “sitting and wishing,” wishing is a fool’s errand. That is a passive/aggressive way of making yourself absolutely miserable. There is nothing wrong with wishes, but one simply cannot sit there waiting for a genie to jump out of a lamp. As if that is likely to happen! If you are just sitting there, at least pray! Even if it is Monday, do not begin your prayer with “Lord, please just kill me now…” If you can, begin with some gratitude. Thank you Lord, for breathing. Breathing is good.

Prayer is powerful, productive, and it brings results. One need not wait for disaster to strike before one begins praying. Besides, if you are anything like me,  you are the disaster and the time to pray without ceasing is right now.