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Running the Gauntlet simply refers to driving rather peacefully through my little sharply divided town, lined mostly with Bernie Sanders supporters. “Honk if you love Bernie.” They are the most prominently displayed, but running in the background here in the 9th circuit of hell, is a powerful Trump contingent, too.

The other day I saw a sign, “feel the Bern,” and one brave soul across the street with a Trump sign, “can you feel me now?” I laughed and started singing feelings, nothing more than feelings…

And therein lies the problem with this election, it is all about the feelings a particular candidate may invoke within us. It is like we are choosing a boyfriend, not selecting the leader of the free world. As someone smart recently pointed out to me, sensuality is a word that does not necessarily have sexual overtones, it simply means, the condition of being pleasing or fulfilling to the senses….

Sensuality need not be a bad thing, it’s really only a problem when it begins to take over all reason and common sense. Like when you are choosing a boyfriend and you think you are in love because he just makes you feel so good about yourself…..that you somehow keep overlooking the fact that you have now bailed him out of jail twice…..in three weeks. I know, I know, he is just misunderstood. Also, he is sticking it to the man, disguising  his train wreck of a life, as something more akin to a quest of defiant patriotism. Or perhaps he’s just an artist, or a guitar player. It’s not that he has absolutely no redeeming qualities and one is sensually pursing a complete fantasy with all the gusto of a total mad woman…… it is just that he has a creative edge.

I suppose I shall get myself into trouble saying this and I am sure to offend everyone, but the nature of both Trump and Sanders feels very similar to me, equal as to the condition of one’s heart, as to the sensual pull of those two candidates. Both groups seem to feel as if they are sticking it to the man, rattling the corrupt system, exercising their personal power to shake things up. Both candidates are going to throw out the special interests, remake America, change the entire system.

Oh dear Lord, we’ve barely survived the last round of change….

I hope you will forgive me my complete lack of enthusiasm, my reverse idealism, help, we’re all going to die!  It is simply that my jaded eyes demand I beg and plead with people to read all the bible says about sensuality and to keep in mind that Trump has actually written books on how to game public opinion and no doubt Sanders has read rules for radicals.

I’m just not sure our country can afford another bad romance…..Seriously, I’m rather surprised we’ve survived the last one. Regardless, I’ll be in my secret underground bunker eating spam.