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A post from 28 and counting called Take Good Care of Your Eyes gave me pause for thought today. Lots of words of wisdom there and some good recommendations on prevention.

They say if you cannot serve as a good example, serve as a stern warning. So here are ten things those of us blessed with sharp eyesight should never do.

  1. Stay up all night reading books under the covers with a weak flashlight.
  2. Read 3 or four books in a day by candle light.
  3. Fail to wear eye protection when sailing and burn your eyes with UV rays
  4. Repeat step 3 more times then you can remember.
  5. Never wear sunglasses
  6. Play in the snow until the glare makes everything you see come in pretty rainbows
  7. Stare at the sun for as long as you can on a dare.
  8. Never eat anything green and leafy
  9. Spend excessive amounts of time staring at a computer screen
  10. Watch an entire season of TV shows on Netflix.

I actually have endlessly abused my eyes. What was once perfect vision is growing weaker and I now must wear reader cheaters to see print. Part of that probably stems from getting older, but some of it is clearly from abusing my eyes. My mother and grandmother both went through a period of poor eyesight, aging eyesight, and than miraculously healed and had their vision restored. They began eating leafy veggies, carrots, and cod liver oil. That seems crazy to me, but I do know several older women that report the same thing and do not need glasses  now, even to read.

Some things are beyond our control, some things are quirks of nature, some are genetics or environment, but I’ve become a believer around the idea that not all things are inevitable, that we have the ability to influence our vision by changing some habits, eating foods good for our eye health, and protecting our eyes.

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