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Call me catty, but doggone if I can stand a few of the morally self righteous churchian women I encounter on the internet! Seriously, a pebble in my shoe, I tell ya. If one thinks this post is about you, it clearly is not, so take heart. The ones who need to read it, never will.

I simply cannot abide hypocrisy. I cannot abide betrayal, backstabbing, and passive aggressive behavior from women. Probably can’t abide it from men either, but I seldom encounter it there. What is it about some women who think the path to success must be paved by tearing down other women?

Nothing curdles my milk more then watching  some of these women speak unkind words about other women, words so harsh and filled with vulgarity, one wonders if they kiss their mother with that mouth, the same darn women who turn around, all sweetness and light, and start speaking about the Holy Spirit.

Sweetheart, you just annihilated me, eviscerated me, slayed me even, your thirst for blood unmistakable……and your very next words, let me teach people how to  cultivate my sweet and gentle spirit!

Holy bovine poo, Batman! Seriously, do wipe the blood off your feet and step gently over my corpse, before you look so demurely into the camera, speaking of femininity and sweetness and light and the Holy Spirit….

In the back of my mind I already know these things, I am well acquainted with the potential duplicity of women, my lifetime nemesis for sure, but still, good grief. This is so not my world.

I mention this to vent, to blow off some steam so I don’t start whistling like a teapot, but also because I deal with anti feminism on this blog, and for crying out loud, if women are oppressed, just who do you suppose might be oppressing us?? I mean seriously, I’m fairly sure the harsh language and false accusations from women have never been intended to lift anyone up.

This is especially grievous when done in Christ’s name. We must let our word be our word and be kind to one another! Me, I take one look and know you are simply full of bovine poo, but others, they are not so wise and they will be deceived and eventually hurt.

There is another way, a better way, actually once called The Way. Be kind to your sisters, you have no idea what their path may have looked like.