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wonderfulHallelujah! I am so grateful for answered prayers and persistent people. I’m having a rather delighted laugh here, but one of  blogoville’s favorites, Paul Curran, has been located safe and sound, per Linda’s post. Linda went above and beyond the call of duty and simply went to his house and knocked on his door. God bless you, Linda.

I’m chuckling because I often joke about stalking assorted authors, prowling around in their rose bushes and peeking into their windows like some kind of love-crazed fan. One moronic author accused me of exactly that, a la Kathy Bates of Misery fame, or a Fatal Attraction cooking rabbits, which compelled me to demand, what makes you think you’re even worthy of proper stalking from the likes of me??!

Sheesh! Some people. Bit self absorbed if you ask me. Also, I didn’t even really like their last book, but I was trying to be polite.

Paul however, is one of those people worthy of a proper stalking, which blogger-land certainly gave him this week. I sent out a missing in action report and joined the search, too. Linda says he is well and he really is the gentleman we have all come to know and love.

Two points I want to make here, I am not actually a stalker…although I have just participated in a thorough virtual stalking…..okay scratch that. I am now officially a stalker with credentials and everything, but one with good intentions. But most importantly, I want people to know that their words matter, that relationships matter, that often we are unaware of how many lives we touch and how many people actually care about us, even those we may never meet in real life.

There’s some words of wisdom I have always clung to, you’re never as important as you think you are…. nor as unimportant.