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Sometimes, when there is so much foolishness I feel as if I might drown in a sea of the world’s despair, I try to empathize with God, to imagine what He must feel like watching us. I know that no matter how sad and frustrated I become, I am only a tiny blip in time. God has been watching us a whole lot longer, millions of us bound and determined to bring so much misery down upon ourselves and others.

I have bits and pieces of the puzzle, small fragments of the solution, and if only we would do this one small thing it would change everything. That tiny bit of wisdom about drives me half insane. But God has all the pieces of the puzzle, He sees it all, every missed opportunity, every misstep, every human failure, every deception we fall into. Every sin, every violent tragedy and every  broken heart, no matter how small.

And then I realize how steadfast His love for us must be, how patient and merciful, and how much greater He is than even my ability to perceive Him. God never wavers and He never leaves us.

I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like, but I often think of a parent with a lost and broken child and how we know how to make their lives better, but they won’t listen to us, won’t avail themselves of our help. Your kids reach a certain age, you become powerless to do anything but stand by helplessly, knowing it doesn’t have to be like this.

God is far more powerful than human parents, but He still doesn’t always step in to protect us from our own selves. If He did we’d never have the opportunity to figure it out ourselves, the way we are all interconnected, the way every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the way we often lack even the eyes to see the consequences of our own behavior. Or why we might desperately need a Savior in the first place.

Sometimes when the world gets really broken and chaotic, I just have to remember, yep, this is why Christ had to die on the cross for us.