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It’s that time again, time to highlight the search terms people typed into Google and landed themselves on my blog. Thank goodness for these unwitting victims people who deliberately sought me out. I hope you have found what you are looking for. I hope you stick around, put your feet up by the fire, and have some coffee.

Just a few things I think I should clarify, however.

toenail fungus- I know absolutely nothing about this subject. I also have little desire to research it. Sorry.

vox day is a arse%$^&–Β  No, I never said that. I did blog about him four or five times, but the words I used were more along the lines of pampered, pompous, and ignorant. Also wrong, as in complete toenail fungus, but hardly worthy of obscenities.

men have feelings too- Yes, they do! It’s surprising, isn’t it? I also love the Hollywood action adventure guys who dive out of an explosion and run 500 yards with bones sticking out their leg, but I do hope no actual men were harmed in the filming of those movies. That would hurt. Use make up for those stunts and and don’t try this at home.

i married a poor man Me too! I like to call him the best mistake I ever made. He is wonderful. This is probably a girl thing, isn’t it? The world claims we’re all interested in wealth and status, but some of us are genuinely more interested in lurking around the stables and chasing the farm boys. So sue me…

narcissistic women thanks for thinking of me, Google. Always much appreciated.

they are out to get me I know right? Since they’re out to get you anyway, we might as well give them a good reason.

thick catfighter I am not ‘thick.’ Sheesh….

expiration date for sexual chemistry– Are you cleaning out your fridge or something?? People are not like bacon, they don’t spoil and have a use-by date.

sad minion- I make a lousy minion, sad or otherwise. I’m more like an anti-minion, as in, learn to think for yourself. The little yellow critters are kind of cute, however.

is their something called over romancing No, never. That’s like saying, is it possible to have too much chocolate? Well, perhaps. Just stop if you start to get a stomach ache.

husband in red suspenders Ha! I did a post about that a while back. Now aren’t red suspenders attractive? We can deny it all we want, but I know what your search terms are….

women are insane- Again Google, thanks for thinking of me. 58 million insane women on the internet and you chose me??

which universe we in- I empathize. Deeply.