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monkyThere seems to be some interesting genetic research going on that supports my rather tongue in cheek theory that humans are actually de-evolving. Rather than survival of the fittest and humans progressing rapidly until we have finally achieved dominance in the animal kingdom, we may well be going backwards.

Oh dear, that is a major blow to the pride….

According to the Daily Mail, a paper no one in their right mind should read, scientists now claim humans have somehow managed to lose 40.7 million base pairs of DNA, starting when we allegedly separated from our ape-like ancestors. “Geneticists have discovered that modern humans actually possess far less genetic information in our cells than their ancestral cousins.”

I think the fact that we read the Daily Mail and use the Google is pretty good anecdotal evidence of that. We’re not only dropping DNA pairs right and left, we seem to be killing off brain cells too.

As if that is not annoying enough, it turns out the human hand, including our magical opposable thumb, is not quite as remarkable as we once thought. To add insult to injury, not only do chimps use tools, it seems as if their hands are more evolved than ours. Human hands seem to have remained constant and completely eluded evolution. We share the hands of our alleged ape-like ancestors, whereas the chimps have managed to progress and evolve. How embarrassing.

Something that puzzled me about the article were these words, “They found indigenous people from the South Pacific had a high levels of a section of DNA from an extinct human species, the Deniosvans….” Hmm, well if DNA continues to exist in a species, and the species continues to exist too, we can’t very well call the species extinct, now can we?

I thought the photograph of the Neanderthal guy was rather adorable. Neanderthals are allegedly extinct for real, so in theory we can’t really photograph them, but what would I know? That’s called an illustrative photograph. I know this because when I grew up we had photos of real, live Wooly Mammoths invading our cities because of the coming ice age that forgot to come.

So, we appear to share some DNA with chimps. On the other hand, we also appear to share some DNA with a potato. Quite a bit of the DNA we are supposed to be sharing with our ape-like and human ancestors appears to be as missing as the missing link.

Or it is always possible that humans are humans, chimps are chimps, and a potato is just a potato.