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Dalrock writes,

“It would be difficult to find a woman with a harder heart than Susan Smith.  She is absolutely shameless.  Yet note how consumed she is with the knowledge that people on the outside see her as a monster.  Never be fooled by the shrieks that your judgment doesn’t affect a rebellious woman.”

You may well be that “woman” with a harder heart Dalrock, you and the so called Christians who follow you. Rather than attempting to understand the Susan Smith case, rather than applying some mercy, you just exploit the tragedy and use it as an example of the evil nature of women. Your comment section is filled with hateful words condemning her to hell, wanting to see her executed, reveling in your perceived  moral superiority, and dehumanizing women in general.

I have no idea what to say to men who believe the only way to elevate their own moral character is to attempt to compare themselves to Susan Smith, but it makes me feel a bit sick.

For those who don’t remember Susan Smith, she murdered her children and is now spending 30 years in prison. She was mentally ill, her brain broke, and she collapsed. No one knows why she did it, it was just one of those evil acts that defy explanation.

What is seldom talked about however, is the fact that her father committed suicide when she was six years old and her step father molested her all through her teens, a relationship that continued well into adulthood. At 13 she tried to kill herself. By the time she finished high school there had been 3 more suicide attempts. She went on to marry David when she was 19 years old and had his two sons, but that relationship was rocky, full of infidelity, and he frequently abandoned her with the two children.

Susan Smith was a mentally ill 21 year old girl with a father who committed suicide, a stepfather who molested her, and a husband who cheated on her, abandoned with two small children. She broke. Women do that sometimes, we break, especially when all the men in our lives fail us, yes fail us Dalrock. Women do not just spontaneously combust.

***Dalrock has responded to this post, by the way, and accuses me of identifying with an unrepetant child murderer and running the rationalization race on her behalf.

He is absolutely correct too, because I truly believe that as Christians we are called to try to empathize with each other and to understand human behavior. I too would prefer to just sit in judgment of those who do evil and point my finger at them self righteously and yet Grace will not allow it. Luke 7:47, the woman with the perfume, Wherefore I say unto thee, “Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little. My own grace requires me to extend the same to others.

I’ve said it a million times, but come judgment day I’d rather be caught standing next to a harlot or an unrepentent child murderer than a self righteous Christian with a hard heart.

***bumping this thread 8/19/2015