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Hmm, I both agree and disagree with the above statement. Faith is actually a tangible thing, it has a substance to it, it is not what is sometimes dismissed as magical thinking. There are numerous well founded, fact based, evidence led arguments in favor of Christianity.

Regarding the nature of faith, Hebrews 11:1 gives us, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” That can be a bit of brain teaser that one must meditate on, but contrary to some popular opinion, faith is based on both substance and evidence.

Because I always love a good rabbit hole however, I’m compelled to ask, what convinces some people to believe that evidence and logic is consistent with…..evidence and logic? Not long ago we had no idea a microscopic world even existed and so doctors, at least the non Jewish ones, would go about giving everyone septicemia and transferring disease. In our very recent history evidence and logic suggested that hand washing was a dangerous practice, and bathing even worse, sure to cause pneumonia….except for Jewish doctors who had this irrational, faith-based perception of cleanliness and the handling of bodily fluids. Jewish doctors frequently washed their hands and followed biblical laws, not out of scientific understanding but out of religious respect. If you ever wonder how we got the stereotype of the successful Jewish doctor, that is part of the story, they mysteriously had a tendency to kill less people, which did help to make them more popular.

Lastly however,  I must speak in favor of irrational, crazy, impossible things that defy human logic and reason. “Human” being the key word there. Nothing defies God’s reason or logic, but us little people have a limited ability to fully perceive and understand all things. Some of the quirks of the human brain are well-known and well-studied. It’s not particularly comfortable to face and accept that reality, but it is the truth. Our brains can deceive us and we do not always know what we think we know. It is okay however, we are in good hands.

All in good humor here, but I think if you walk on this Earth long enough you soon discover the biggest oxymoron of all, “human logic.” It takes a bit of humility to recognize, but surely God must find our attempts at logic and reason infinitely amusing. I know I sometimes do.