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“The Revenge of the Lost Boys”

Well now, finally someone says something sensible! Also, obviously they have read my blog and swiped all my terminology. I jest of course, but was I not just lamenting over the “Lost Boys” the other day? And last week, last month, last year?? Indeed, endlessly lamenting until some people have been compelled to ask me, why do you care? Can you not just let it go?! You’re boring us to tears! No, I cannot because I think it is ticking time bomb, a powder keg, the greatest threat our nation faces. Worse than shark attacks, falling vending machines, and terrorism combined. Although terrorists are not unlike Lost Boys themselves.

Everything the media does and says is designed to push those triggers, to create divisions, to wound male pride. They hit men on every level, racial pride, cultural pride, political pride, family pride, just an endless list of offense that says over and over again, you are under attack, fight back. It works very well too. Riots, protests, lone gunmen.

Toxic masculinity, it’s always deadly, mostly to men themselves, the vast majority of casualties being men, but women and children become collateral damage, too.

Also, you know what always seems to happen when a culture winds up with too many Lost Boys? War, horrific and massive war. I don’t know why, but it always seems to just happen. That’s what we used to do with the misfits and rebels, the ones worth a chip on their shoulder, offer them a choice between the military or prison.

The article begins, “Western societies are producing more and more Lost Boys, the fail-to-launch young men who carry dangerous social grudges.” Yes, thousands of them! They are all over the internet searching for an ideology that fits their desire for revenge, that validates their outrage. So where  do these men often go? Into the manosphere and eventually the Red Pill blogs. Do they hear about Christ who could perhaps fill and heal the abyss in their souls? No, they hear about male superiority, about dominance as destruction, about how they can have all the women they want, about how masculinity is all about conquest and sexuality. Be narcissistic, be grandiose, embrace your wounding, pour out your hatred upon them all….

The article says, “Stuck in perpetual adolescence, they see only their own imagined virtue amidst irredeemable corruption.”

Yes! Take the Red Pill and join those of us above the corruption, those of us who can see the world as it really is. Also, with that never ending sexual pull, the promise that you will be able to have all the sex you could ever want, a very seductive message for men especially, for outcasts full of misdirected rage, wallowing in narcissism.

The article mentions Snowden, well, I rather like Snowden, but it is a well known fact that he was all over the gaming blogs himself. Where else does one go to affirm their own fantasies about themselves, their feelings of grandiosity? Where does one go to hear the seductive words one needs to hear so badly?

You know, I once thought the gaming blogs, the red pills, they simply have to be a government front, an elaborate “to catch a terrorist plot” or perhaps something more along the lines of the Manchurian candidate, “how to build a perfect domestic terrorist.” I soon dismissed that idea, our Gov could not possibly be that smart and devious, so I set out to try to talk to many of these bloggers.

Oh good grief, some of them are Lost Boys themselves, so filled with brokenness they are extremely paranoid, arrogant, hostile, exactly what you would expect to find in cult leaders who imagine themselves to be living in the Lord of the Flies.

I’ve written several times about Vox Day, bemoaning and lamenting each time he posts something about Anders Breivik, the guy from Norway who killed so many kids. Or Eliot Rodger, the guy from Santa Barbara who went on a shooting spree.  Naive of me I know, but I thought if perhaps I could just engage him in a conversation, he would stop with the rhetorical trickery and understand how his words can be received, used to fuel rage. Naturally he just accused me of stalking him and threatened to call the cops.

Some of the gamers, some of the red pills, actually believe they’re saving the Lost Boys, teaching them how to be men, giving them an outlet for their rage. Some believe they’re saving lives. Some of them are simply married men who want to improve relationships, who just do not see the dark things in the world, because they perceive all men to be just like them. Innocent almost, naive.

I don’t mean to paint them all with the same brush or to assign malicious intent to any of them. For all I know, maybe some of them are saving lives, maybe some men are benefiting. I like to believe that anyway. Heck, lie to me because what I actually see is far darker then many can imagine.

The final paragraph of the article says, “In the meantime, let’s stop arguing over the symbols these failed men choose. Hateful ideologies and dangerous symbols are worth discussing, but we live in a free country and we’re not getting rid of them.”

Oh yes, amen to that. I have no desire to get rid of anything, but those who engage in violent rhetoric simply have to wake up to the message they are sending. How your words are received in the subjective reality of a Lost Boy, truly matters. To wallow in hatred, is to pour fuel over an already burning fire.

He concludes, “Instead, let’s ask the harder question: why are we raising so many boys who will never make the transition to men, and how do we stop their repeated attacks on their own society?”

By teaching them honor, integrity, values, what it truly means to be men, like we have always done. By teaching them how to earn respect, what they so desperately crave, and I don’t mean false sexual respect or the perverse respect that comes from being known as the latest threat to society, the latest school shooter who goes out in a blaze of glory.

Dalrock has posted this article, so perhaps there is hope, maybe some of them will come to see what I can see so clearly. It is not too late to fix a broken world but time sure is running short. Unfortunately Dalrock goes on to simply list how men are allegedly hated by everyone including the church and conservatives. Here’s the deal. You have to let go of feelings of persecution, of victimhood, let go of blame, and actually lead. Nurturing perpetual offense is harmful, it does not show anyone how to heal. “The world” is not going to change and stop producing Lost Boys, but when there are men willing to teach them about honor, integrity, how to earn genuine respect, it sure can mitigate the damage.