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So Dalrock declares, “Father’s Day predictably brings out diverse sentiments in our post marriage world.  For Christian leaders it brings out contempt for husbands and fathers, including the now traditional (if not obligatory) sermon tearing down men in front of their families…..”

Complete poppycock, Dalrock. Even here in the 9th circuit of hell, in liberal utopia, our Christian leaders don’t tear down men in front of their families nor do they mock fathers. That is no more a true representation of what is really going in the world  than the Westboro Baptist church is actually a church.

You know what real Christian men are doing right now, Dalrock? They are leading, they are encouraging others, they are lifting people up in the face of great odds. They are fathers, husbands, church leaders, and they are showing people the love of Christ in a million different ways. Some are divorced, some are estranged from their children, and some struggle within marriages, and what they need more than anything else is the love of Christ themselves and a church family to encourage and support them.

What they do not need is your relentless attempts to pour salt on their wounds, to try to convince men that the church has been totally feminized, and to bear false witness about Christian leaders allegedly having contempt for fathers, husbands, men.

I appeal to you Dalrock, as I have appealed to so many others. No doubt this will fall on deaf ears as it has so many times before, but as a Christian you are called to walk in victory, to rise above what is going on in the world around you, and to lead the way.

You do not lift men up Dalrock, you encourage them to wallow in bitterness, to nurture their feelings of persecution, and to endlessly blame women for all the ills of the world. You breed contempt Dalrock, you encourage unforgiveness, and you drive people away from both Christ and the church. All that hatred, bitterness, cynicism, is so far from what Christ taught, I can hardly stand to read it. You have the power to do some real good in the world, Dalrock, and yet you, like so many others, seek only to nurture the negative and pour fuel on the fire.

So many of us love our fathers, husbands, sons, and do everything we can to support and encourage them.  Father’s are vitally important, they are often the first example people have of what a relationship with their heavenly Father is like. Those who do not have fathers, or have wounded and broken fathers, often struggle with faith, cannot accept authority, and will wall themselves off from Christ Himself. We need men to stand up, to lead the way, to simply be themselves reflecting the love of Christ out in the world. You may be the only one someone sees, you may be one person’s only representation of Christ. That is a powerful calling.

I know all about divorce, custody battles, father bashing, and am intimately acquainted with the brokeness of the world. I have paid tribute to my own father many times, an absent father, a father entangled in the courts, a father I miss very much.  You can read some of my words here, I Am My Father’s Daughter.

Christ heals, Dalrock, the enemy just keeps people stuck in pain and walled off with pride, trapped in their own deceptions and illusions about themselves and the world around them. We do not get extra credit points for blaming “Christian leaders.” When we claim His name we become leaders ourselves and those fingers we are pointing at others are pointing right back at us.