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Some people are offended by banality and theology, which puzzles me, because God often speaks to us in banal things. Most of us don’t live a glamorous life, full of marble temples and highly intellectual pursuits with the world’s greatest minds. God meets us where we are and speaks in the language of familiar things.

A few weeks ago I was listening to a pastor, a quiet guy, soft spoken, and my mind was starting to wander, to the kitchen sink, of all crazy things. To the dishes that needed to be done, to re-grouting my tile, to cleaning the backsplash. I kid you not, at that precise moment he said, “kitchen sponges!” Cue the Twilight music because that certainly got my attention. He proceeded to explain about how some people were a bit like kitchen sponges, they fill up with all that water and bacteria, all plump and proud and full of themselves….And then they begin to rot and stink, and soon you cannot figure out what that horrible smell is. Soon the aroma begins to waft throughout the entire house. He went on to explain that what these kind of people need more than anything else, is to be wrung out and hung up to dry. Give back what you have been given. Let God wring you out and hang you up to dry.

God really can be found even in the most banal things, in the synchronicity of unmatched socks in the dryer, in the rhythm of weeds growing in the yard, even in the message hidden in an old stinky kitchen sponge. God knows who we are and what we do in our real lives.

As to cleanliness being close to Godliness, 2-3 minutes in the microwave sanitizes, refreshes, and renews. Sponges that is. I’m not sure if it works on people, I’ve never tried it.

close heartdepp**** Repost from July 2014