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It’s been a while since I’ve given Theodore Beale, the hostile sci/fi guy, any attention. Upon peeking in at him, I see he is going about his usual business, harassing those he perceives to be Social Justice Warriors, praising himself for his alleged “slippery rhetorical trickery,” and relentlessly trying to elevate men’s perceived status in the world, by putting down women.

I did encounter Eric Flint, another author, who in the process of blogging about the Hugo awards, gave a scathing review of Mr Beale’s character, which did give me a good chuckle. He says in part,

“Theodore Beale is a (edit) clown with delusions of grandeur. This is a man—say better, pipsqueak—who rails to the heavens about the decline—nay, the imminent doom!—of western civilization due to the savageries of sub-human races and (most of all) the pernicious—nay, Satan-inspired!—willfulness of uppity women, and likes to portray himself as the reincarnation of the feared Crusaders of yore, all the way down to wielding a flaming sword….

….The world trembles and shakes, just like it does in the imagination of a mouse whenever that mouse imagines itself to be an elephant. Except no mouse who ever lived was this stupid…. And the best thing he can figure out to do with his time, money and energy is to hijack a few Hugo awards.”

I know, right?? The man is hell-bent on world domination, well off, somewhat intelligent, (when he is not being dumber than a box of rocks,) and all he can do with all that talent is try to tweak an obscure award hardly anyone has ever heard of, while bullying the occasional internet Fem or SJW! What a waste of a perfectly good human being.

I despair for all of mankind. Here we are, perched on the edge of the zombie apocalypse, and not even our Evil Overlord of Doom can be bothered to get off Twitter for a few moments and try to fix a broken world.

To make matters even worse, like most bullies, Mr Beale is actually rather cowardly. When I attempted to engage and confront him over a couple of issues, he descended into such paranoia and hysterics, my maternal instincts kicked in and I felt compelled to make sure he had my name and email addy, so as to protect himself. It’s somewhat funny, I actually felt sorry for the big and bad Vox Day who became downright hysterical and started talking about barbarians at the gate and crazy female stalkers! Dude, chill, I’m just a harmless girl and a mother and grandmother to boot! Calm yourself, I couldn’t hurt a fly.

Alas, to no avail. He truly does fear the “…satan-inspired!—willfulness of uppity women.” Fears, as in outright terror. Good grief, what kind of a man fears women?

No doubt he has since walked it off, doxxed me a few times, and attempted to save face by claiming I was just annoying and unworthy of his time. The truth of the matter is, he cannot bear to lose a discussion, so he simply attempts to annihilate anybody who challenges him. Also women, all “satan inspired.” Oh yuck, certainly not, although The Enemy did once “inspire” me to flee in terror and cling to my Rock rather hysterically. I suppose you could call that “inspiring.”

So Mr Beale has been on this kick where “all Social Justice Warriors lie.” All women lie. The whole world lies. Today he posts a bit of “scientific research” that supports his favorite theory, women are far more immoral than men. The bit of fluff is called, Who Tells More fibs, Men or Women? Why women, of course!….Or perhaps we just talk ten times as much, therefore rendering our fibs more common? One can hardly fib if one never speaks. The there is the issue of just which gender tells the truth about their own lies. Who surveys liars and expects to find the truth, anyway? These things don’t really slip Mr Beale’s mind, like many people he simply ignores anything that doesn’t meet his own confirmation bias.

No bother however, if it makes anyone feel better you may claim the gender score for “women lie more.” Goal! Pat yourself on the back. Feel better about yourself yet? Probably not. I’ll let you in on a secret. You will never elevate yourself by tearing down others. Never. Try lifting someone else up instead. It works wonders.

Do you hear me, Mr Beale?? Try lifting someone up. Try encouraging people. Come on, it won’t kill you. I know you probably believe you are already, but that is a deception. What you are really doing is creating more resistance, more hostility, more collateral damage in the world. You want to “destroy” a Fem in two seconds? Tell her she has worth and value and that she is greatly loved! Christ’s love Mr Beale, the same Christ you claim to follow, that love has the power to change the whole world!

So I however, am a bit of an outlier, brutally honest, something I am often compelled to keep quiet about in the name of social niceties. Take Mr. Beale for instance, all I did was gently speak the truth to him. I should have known better. I learned long ago that nothing sends people into a full blown tizzy faster than that. For goodness sakes girl, learn to lie!

Alas, I really cannot. I can remain silent, but it is extremely difficult for me to be anything but as truthful as I possibly know to be.

Which brings me to the conclusion of this little screed. The biggest lies of all are the lies we tell ourselves, the sneaky little lies that the enemy plays on. Lies like layers and layers of an onion, lies that must be painfully peeled away. The lies that lay buried deep within our souls, out of sight and out of mind, but still releasing their venom.

You are not worthy. You are not loved. Everyone hates you. Men/women are evil. You are oppressed. No one else in the world is as smart as you. You will never be worth anything. This is just how people are. Love is fairytale. God is not real. You don’t deserve good things. People hate you. You’re ugly. You’re stupid…..on and on they go, just an endless list of complete garbage.

Those are the lies we must cast off. That is where freedom and victory live.