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leonardoBlogging can be  hard. Writing in general is hard. You just kind of have to sit there and bleed. It’s even physically challenging because you have to physically pull yourself away and get some exercise once in a while.

Writing also demands a certain kind of vulnerability, so you are basically exposing yourself. It’s probably worse than being naked in public, although I haven’t tried that yet. It’s on my bucket list of humiliations yet suffered, an ever shrinking list.

People can and do get frustrated, full of anxiety, and demolish what they’ve written. I do it all the time. Sometimes people demolish their blogs entirely. This is my 3rd blog. Heck sometimes people completely demolish their computers, too. This is my third laptop.

Blogging however, is extra special because if you write a book it’s a one way form of communication. In the blogging world you’re interacting with your readers which is delightful, but along with your fans will come your critics. It can be a brutal world out there, let me tell you. The things people will say when they’re safely tucked behind a keyboard, sheesh.

Bloggers walk a fine line, we want solitude and peace, but we want readers and blog hits, too. It’s a strange dance between longing for obscurity and fearing indifference.

Just remember these words of wisdom, hatred is not indifference. Hatred is just the flip side of love.

People in the blogging world come and go. Some blog for a few years and then move onto other things. Some get busy with life. I have abandonment issues, so wahh, I hate it when people just disappear, but they do. Sometimes I joke, “I don’t know why she stopped blogging, maybe she got a life?” Maybe she did. I hope it’s a good one.

I’ve lost a lot of good blogging buddies over the years. You read someone’s words long enough, chat with them, they become kind of familiar and you get attached to them. I miss them all.

Jason at Harsh Reality was a great WordPress asset in the blogging world. He too liked controversial issues and didn’t pull any punches. He had many, many followers and fans and taught so many of us a thing or two about blogging. He was a great support too, always had kind words of encouragement for other bloggers. He also had some pretty harsh critics that didn’t always fight fair. Thanks Jason, for teaching me how to fight back. The struggle is real.

Wherever Jason is, I hope he keeps writing. He has a lovely poetic voice. Much love to his wife and cute kids, too. He sure is a good dad. I shall miss HarshReality. I snagged this from another blogger, just a few of Jason’s words left behind that really capture that struggle we all face when we write, blog, and put ourselves out there.

"It is obvious that he wants the sun, but he does not want the 
recognition from the light. He bleeds for the safety of the shadow 
even as the darkness betrays him and turns to day. Sometimes I miss 
the night" ~Jason