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Christians, now is probably a good time to quit watching Game of Thrones.

Like Matt implies, far be for someone like me to judge people for their entertainment choices. My own brain is full of violence and sexuality, of psychotic clowns and man eating sharks and assorted demons and vampires. But that’s just it, my brain is full of these things. It colors who and what you are and how you walk in the world. It becomes a part of your reality. To try to purge yourself of all this violent imagery is no easy feat. We really do become what we consume in the way of entertainment.

Matt Walsh makes many valuable points so click the link to read his words, but this is what stood out for me, “But even in proper proportion, this is art, and art is a powerful thing. Art says something to us and about us. It drives us. Transforms us. Art moves the heart and the mind in a particular direction. It can pull us closer to Him or push us further away, but whatever it does, it does something.”

Art does transform us. Sexual violence as “art” desensitizes people and hardens their hearts. There have been numerous acts of violence in Game of Thrones that nobody even batted an eye at. Children murdered, people tortured. I do find it ironic that people are finally coming out of their stupor over a rape scene, one that actually blurs the lines between consent and rape, but I wonder where everyone was during all the other atrocities and acts of human brutality as entertainment?

No matter. I find myself oddly grateful for Matt’s words, comforted by the fact that he gets it, and that people have not yet become so jaded and desensitized that nothing has the power to offend us anymore.

“I’m not saying that Christians should only watch children’s cartoons. I’m not saying Christians should insulate themselves from the culture entirely, or relegate all of their viewing habits to Kirk Cameron movies and Charlie Brown specials. I’m saying that the Bible tells us to protect our purity of heart and mind, and if those exhortations don’t apply to a show like “Game of Thrones,” when and where do they apply?”

Amen, Matt. Amen.