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Denine wrote lovely post that said, “if the world is driving you crazy, why is the world driving?”

Oh, amen to that. What a blessing her words were because that is the story of my entire life. I sometimes joke about riding the crazy train and God often says, “get off the train, stop looking at the world, and keep your eyes on me.” Every time I manage to do it, I am suddenly filled with His peace and richly blessed and life is good. Take my eyes off of Him for one moment however, and I will start to sink into those waves. God is infinitely good anyway, even in that he doesn’t let me drown, but I do tend to get water up my nose.

The world will rip you apart, it will break your heart, it will send you into a tailspin of despair. The human capacity for not only stupidity but outright evil is quite unprecedented. We don’t have to be this way, we don’t have to do these things, there is a better way. Our inability or unwillingness to choose it however, can be absolutely maddening.

One of the hardest things for me to deal with in the world today is all the moral ambiguity. It’s like having been dropped on your head down a rabbit hole and waking up in another dimension. Evil is good, good is evil, right is wrong, and wrong is right. I don’t need elaborate or complex morality here, but I do require a few simple black and white rules.  Not long ago I drove myself absolutely insane trying to get  some people to simply say “it’s wrong to behead people.” Could not do it to save my life, it was nothing but excuses, poverty, oppression, religion, politics, evo-psych, patriarchy, intersectionality, all sorts of gobblygook designed to render the issue somehow vague and uncertain. That is the world we live in today, people so morally confused they are somewhat uncertain if we should be passing a moral judgement on the crime of beheading other humans.

I drove myself crazy having that conversation in the first place. I totally did that to my own self, but sometimes it’s good to try to interact with others, even those you disagree with.

When the world starts driving me crazy however, I know I need to pull back and stop letting the world drive. I learn this over and over again. I control the horizontal and the vertical and when all the craziness starts trying to enter my spirit, I can always shift my eyes back on Him. Focusing on God is incredible and amazing, He can change your entire perspective, shift your eyes towards something more beautiful than many can even imagine.

We are so loved, even in the midst of all our craziness, stupidity, and chaos. Heaven is not just an idea that exists in another realm, heaven is already within us.  We walk in victory, not defeat, but you have to keep your eyes on Him or you can lose sight of that.

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