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Spring is in the air. The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, and the non believers are once again totally obsessed with Christianity, sex, and the bible.

Violet made a comment recently, the first part which sayest, “Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, he was drowning in lust.”

Well now, so much for sexual freedom and tolerance! Apparently even non believers have some limits. Drowning in lust? That sounds somewhat disapproving and almost…self righteous and judgmental.

All in good humor here, but I think it unlikely that King Solomon had any more lust than anyone else. Like it or not, all through human history and having nothing to do with Christianity at all, having many wives and concubines was a symbol of status, wealth, and power. Not unlike owning a flock of goats. Lovely, isn’t it? In much of history, women simply ranked somewhere slightly above livestock as symbols of status. Barbaric, yes I know.

It’s almost a sound argument for modern civilization, Christian values, and heaven forbid, one man, one woman marriage. Marriage seems like a rather woman friendly idea when compared to the concubine and harem mandated life style choices. Toss in human sacrifice and the lack of antibiotics, and I’m totally sold on modern times.

So the current argument is that Christians all through the ages have perverted sexuality, oppressed the masses, been hypocritically self-righteous, and totally broken all that is good and golden about sex. Oh yes! Yes, indeed. Guilty as charged. To try to blame this exclusively on Christians however, or to pretend as if the bible is to blame, is just silly.

People, not just Christians, people in general, have been distorting relationships between men and women and perverting sex since time immemorial. We are complete barbarians by nature. That is our default state! It surprises me that so few people in the Western world truly understand this anymore. In the absence of mores and values the question simply becomes, will this benefit me?

To attempt to pin it all on Christianity, is quite a distortion however. All you have to do is take a good look at the modern secular world and what we have done to sexuality, to understand this. Child sexual abuse, pornography, women’s bodies used to sell products, exploitation, sex trafficking. Look at our popular TV shows, Special Victims Unit, all sex crimes. Vampire love, necrophilia, 50 shades of Gray. We live in a highly repressed culture that still insists on putting sex in front of us 24/7.Β  It’s that odd paradox, caught somewhere between repression and shame. Shame because we promote the most bizarre and unusual aspects of sexuality as evidence of freedom, while portraying the sexuality to be found in marriage as somehow oppressive and weird.

The message from the secular world comes through loud and clear, sex is bad. Sex is bad because “sex” is all about rape, murder, vampires, exploited children, and selling products.

Solomon’s 700 wives and 300 concubines are not examples of biblical sexual morality at all, in fact, Solomon goes on to start worshipping the gods of his foreign princesses. The Lord becomes angry with Solomon because his heart has turned away. Solomon’s kingdom is eventually divided, all because of 700 wives and idolatry.

Violet concludes by stating, “Sex is definitely not a good thing in the Bible.” No, idolatry is not a good thing in the bible, the precise kind of sexual idolatry currently being worshipped by the secular world.