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There’s been some interesting discussions on different perspectives within Christianity, traditional views versus wisdom views, charismatics versus a more cut and dry theology. Many of these ideas circulate around the concept of just how involved is God  in our individual, personal lives? He clearly spoke to people in the bible and performed miracles, but aren’t things different now?

I don’t worry much about how people perceive their relationship with Christ, honestly I am just grateful when people perceive Him at all. It’s not a raging debate in my mind, just an interesting discussion. I tend to believe we need both perspectives to provide some balance within the Body of Christ, to temper all the wisdom to be found there.

I am clearly in the camp that believes in a deep personal relationship with Christ and that He is involved in my life daily. He may not intervene daily, but He does often enough that there is no doubt in my mind that He is involved. I can be downright charismatic about that relationship, but part of that is upbringing. I had to learn very young to rely on Him, to hear His voice. There was no scripture, no church, no one to teach me. If I hadn’t learned to hear His voice, I wouldn’t have known about Him at all. I sometimes joke about the existence of Catholic DNA, but there may well be some Pentecostal genes lurking in there, too. I’d be dancing in the aisles if I could dance.

Sometimes the wu of spirituality can make people uncomfortable. Wu is a word some atheists like to use, to describe what they perceive as “delusional and hearing voices,” anything to do with angels, miracles, visions, dreams, this Voice some of us claim to hear. I read an interesting study not long ago however, that observed that only about 10% of those who say they hear voices have any measurable mental illness at all. Kind of fascinating research, we’ll see what comes of it.

Sometimes people can be leery of things they perceive as intuition and feelings. “Sure God told you, sure He did.” Those of us in the wu world get a lot of flack sometimes and it’s not altogether misdirected concern. Those on the outside looking in have no way of knowing if we’re really hearing that Still Quiet Voice and allowing Him to lead us.

I have a pretty good balance, when I listen to God’s voice, He always reaffirms whatever He is telling me, over and over again, in scripture, in the words of others. By the time He is finished, there is no room for doubt. He has never expected me to make big decisions without a whole lot of validation. The few times I’ve responded quickly, the only thing involved was going to be a slight loss of pride. Preserving pride doesn’t seem to be something God is too concerned about.

My husband is far more rational and reason based then I am, but he does often listen to me. We have some fun with it sometimes. Even when I say it, I know how ridiculous it can sound, “But, God told me.” Umhm, sure He did. If you walk this walk long enough however, you really can learn to discern what is “you” and what is God and whose voice you are actually listening to.

There really is a Still Quiet Voice that you can learn to hear and when God starts revealing what He’s saying to you on the outside too, that synchronicity can be a pretty profound experience.