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Violet has a post up called “a dawning realisation” in which she says, “Browsing round Christian blogs earlier today, I had the dawning realisation that many religious people view the world with the eyes of a child and the processing power of a Commodore 64.”

I thought that was rather funny and well put. The thing is, Violet is on the outside looking in and therefore can only see what she wants to see. She must stereotype other Christians in order to constantly justify her own non belief. That is something I find fascinating within atheism, the constant need to try to validate one’s own non belief. It is a full-time task, let me tell you.

I do not feel that way about most Christians or Christian blogs at all. In fact, it took me quite a struggle, a rather extensive bit of research, before I could possibly find any Christian that even resembles that stereotype. I did eventually find it however, in a couple of red pill churchian gamers, and I have relentlessly attempted to break through some of that hubris, but to no avail.

Unfortunately I am a woman and rule number one is to never listen to anything women have to say because they just might…..make sense.

Enough with the non believer versus Christian thing, however, let me just edit her opening sentence to something I can agree with, “many people view the world with the eyes of a child and the processing power of a Commodore 64.” It’s rather true you know. People are so full of biases and their own preconceived notions, that sometimes you do feel as if you are playing an old-fashioned game of pong with a slightly stupid monkey.

Intelligence hardly has anything to do with it at all, it is all just relentless confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance. Knee jerk emotionalism and endless rhetoric. It is actually somewhat rare to find people capable of genuine conversation of any sort at all. Everybody is the member of some inner ring these days, privy to special knowledge no one else in the human race could possibly have. All the other humans are beneath me. They’re all bigots and morons, brainwashed and delusional.

Take for instance Vox Day, my little adopted brother in Christ, a man who likes to present himself as having a high IQ, higher than 1% of the population or so he alleges. He than proceeds to wrap himself in so much rhetoric and cognitive dissonance he cannot even see the forest for the trees. In order to even speak to him, you have to climb way up to his ego and then try to jump down to his intellect, without breaking an ankle. No easy feat, I assure you.

Trying to talk to him really is like trying to play pong with a monkey. He does perceive the world through the eyes of a child and with the processing power of a Commodore 64. So, his idea of representing Christ involves promoting hatred, bigotry, and revenge. He is going to bully his way through the world and across the internet. Might makes right. Not truth and beauty, just might. I am a god, or perhaps an evil minion, I think he prefers that one. Unfortunately he calls himself a Christian. Well, actually he calls himself the Voice of God.

He is the precise stereotype, the caricature of Christianity, that so many non believers seek. He is the justification for all your non belief. He is the footnote to all the characteristics that Violet lists on her blog. And he does not care. In fact, I suspect he rather enjoys being the anti-thesis of all that Christ taught.

He is also completely irrelevent to the Truth, however. You could find a thousand believers just like him and it would not matter one whit. God is still God. I can recognize that just because one claims to be a Christian, does not mean they are. I can recognize that there is a huge difference between a militant atheist and a simple non believer, too.

I can also recognize that when something is challenging one’s preconceived notions, cognitive dissonance will usually compel us to dehumanize the person making the argument, to try to discredit their intelligence, to try to claim they are just too stupid to perceive the world as we do. That is almost always a fallacy in our own thinking. It is almost an act of self-defense to strike back, to call forth others to help us with our mockery and ridicule so we will feel validated.

Number 5 on Violet’s list of childish Christian traits, “I don’t like the outside world because I haven’t experienced it.” Au contraire Violet, I don’t like the outside world because I have experienced it. It is not a place we want to go.