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These search terms that come at me, the words people used to have had the misfortune of arriving on my blog, always make me laugh. Altogether they are a tangled mess, not unlike my brain, chaotic, disordered, just an entire mishmash of random and seemingly unrelated thoughts, but oddly cohesive. It is dark and scary up here, bring a flashlight.

….prophecy jesus perfume woman, intelligence, men and women, stupidity, narcissism, rob bell, mgthow why, insane women, truly I say unto you, angst and love, wolves, sheep, marriage is insane, balls and wire, dreams electrified….

It’s almost poetry.

I sometimes worry about people and wonder if they ever found what they were seeking. I hope not, I hope you got marooned on my blog instead and decided that life was simply too important to take seriously.

A special shout out to Doobster, from Mindful Digressions, who is taking a blogging break right now. He is missed and I hope that whatever he is pursuing goes well for him. I’ve enjoyed some of our arguments.

If anyone wants to leave a link to their blog on my blog roll, feel free. I love reading other people’s blogs. You can always leave me a link to posts in the comments too.

WordPress continues to be a bit wonky. It can be maddening. Just a heads up to other bloggers out there, the struggle is real! It is not you, it is improvements and upgrades and changes.

Welcome to any lurkers and newbies prowling around. Thanks for reading, it’s much appreciated.