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There are numerous articles and studies out right now that speak to the decline of marriage in the Western world, something that has now fallen below 50%. Some 70% of young men are not getting married.

Marriage is not really on the decline in America, it is actually being picked to death and deliberately dismantled.

Many feminists have been working towards the elimination of marriage for decades, thought to be a cornerstone of patriarchy and once eliminated will pave the way towards more equality. Many Men’s Rights advocates speak to the horrors of marriage, unfair divorce laws, economics, our legal system. There are MGTOW’s and men boycotting marriage. The LGBT lobby desires marriage rights for all and a complete redefinition of the entire concept of marriage. Our government has gotten in on the action too, and created numerous stumbling blocks to marriage, welfare policies, no default divorce, tax penalties, economic hardships.

If you advocate for marriage as I do, one thing you learn is that enemies of marriage are a diverse and multi-faceted number of groups, oddly all on the same page with their message, marriage sucks, avoid it at all costs. Marriage is a lose-lose proposition. Except for gay marriage at the moment, a movement that is quite vocal within our society, but impacting less than 1% of the population. Less than 1% of the population desires marriage rights. Think about that.

Our culture reinforces this idea, our sitcoms and TV’s, Hollywood with their multiple divorces, baby daddies, endless promotion of single parenthood and portrayals of men as bumbling, foolish, endlessly immature, and not really needed in the family equation anymore.

We are also living in a very narcissistic world, so people, both men and women, have grown up within the entitlement generation, where things are weighed as measured in terms of making me happy or benefiting me. The idea of sacrificing yourself for marriage is considered quite foolish, because we’re now a culture of quick rewards, immediate results, not long-term investments that may or may not pay off. Try talking to both men and women about marriage today and the first thing many will tell you is, no way, I’m not giving up my freedom, my choices, my money, my position, my status, my happiness. First show me what I get out of this deal and it better not require much sacrifice on my part either….

When I talk to men I hear how women need to go to charm school, how we’re all vain, entitled, emasculating shrews. Talk to women, and men are all entitled, immature, control freaks. It’s heartbreaking and tragic, but also somewhat funny because the nature of men and women hasn’t changed for thousands of years! We’ve experienced some huge cultural changes in recent history, the biological equation has shifted, roles between men and women have been rewritten, but as to the nature of either gender? Hasn’t changed a bit. Men and women were complaining about the same darn things back in ancient times.

It simply is what it is. People can point fingers as if either gender needs to mend their ways and become something people are more willing to marry, but that is not really the issue. We can lament the nature of men and women until the cows comes home, but that doesn’t really address the problem, nor is the nature of men and women likely to change anytime soon.

The problem is that power is being concentrated. Our government is attempting to control the resources, control the people, control the children. People are a resource just like anything else, so if you can capture the people, you will capture the power. You do this by creating dependency. Marriage, families, are like little independent castles of resistance, a tiny fortress against unreasonable intrusion by government. When men are taken out of the picture, women will naturally turn towards the government for protection. That’s not politically correct to say, women don’t like to admit that, but it is what we do, it is the nature of women. As awesome as we are, we cannot truly go it alone with children. We need financial support, emotional support, psychological support. We need protection. This is why we wind up with crazy rape laws, domestic violence laws, no fault divorce, government housing, mandated child support, even a government that insists we be provided with birth control in our insurance policies. Every aspect of our lives must be accommodated, catered too, regulated, and provided for. Protection must be endlessly legislated and enforced.

The problem is, this creates dependence. Feminists have been bemoaning women’s dependence on men for years, but think nothing of our dependence on government. Men are allegedly all immature control freaks, but government is benevolent and easily controlled at all times? Government will provide. All the things feminists have been complaining about for years, the oppression of women, the powerlessness of our lives, our lack of voice, the evils of patriarchy, are not even acknowledged in that government relationship. The State has somehow managed to evolve itself outside the confines of patriarchy, so it floats there in this kind of alternate reality, a benevolent benefactor that will support and empower women and pave the path to freedom. Government is honorable, noble, and will love us better than men ever have.

This is not just insane, it’s bloody suicidal. It is complete cultural and political destruction. If we continue down this path, we will completely annihilate ourselves. A dependent people is a controlled people. In no time at all, we will answer to government, government will not answer to us. We have seen this happen all through history. We have been watching it happen in our own recent history.

Go into our inner cities where every aspect of people’s lives are controlled, where single parent families comprise some 78% of the population. There is rampant crime, endless poverty, lost children, confused men and women. There is also evidence of government authority asserting itself everywhere. Step out of line, you lose your food stamps, your housing, your children. Be walking in the wrong place at the wrong time, you lose your life. Naturally we must now send in even more government authority, helicopters flying over head with spotlights, cops in full riot gear, and innocent people getting shot in the heat of the moment over and over again.

This is what socialism looks like within America. It is not a new thing, we’ve been watching it happen on Indian reservations for centuries, in our black communities, our inner cities. Those who escape this trap are few and far between. It’s not an easy life. It takes an emotional and psychological toll on you. Ideas like escape, like freedom and independence from this system, are perceived as just pipe dreams. Nothing good can ever come from this side of the tracks. These messages get internalized, learned helplessness sets in, and poverty, dependence on the State for your basic  needs, becomes an inter generational cycle.

We know these things! We’ve been watching, studying, observing for some 50 years now. This is not rocket science. This is not ideology or evidence of someone being blinkered about the idea of socialism. Government benevolence is not all it is cracked up to be. Even our compassion for others can create a kind of slavery, can actually kill people’s spirits and make them docile, a captive group of voters, easily manipulated and influenced. It all begins by taking men out of the equation, demolishing the entire concept of marriage, and replacing the family structure with dependance on government.

Somebody told me you can’t just speak pretty words over marriage and change the path we’re on. Yes, I’m aware of that, but words are the only tool I have. Marriage has served a vital purpose in civilization, culturally, spiritually, economically, and those who seek to toss it aside in favor of something allegedly better, have no idea what horrors they will usher in. So yes, I pour pretty little words over marriage as much as I possibly can, yes, just impotent little words, but it’s all I can do while I sit back helplessly and watch us all gleefully march ourselves over the edge of a cliff.