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For those who don’t know, I am about as anti-feminist and pro-Christian as it is possible to be. Yes, I should love to douse Valenti and Marcotte in a vat of grapes, a la, I love Lucy style. It offends me that these two women are held up within the pop culture as experts on women, feminism, and politics. However, I am keenly aware that their feminism, their secularism, comes in response to something unpleasant, and that underneath the bloviating and ideology beats a real human heart.

So where in the world would you acquire the false idea that men hate you and God is so awful, He should be rejected entirely?

From people like Theodore Beale and his merry men, his group of psuedo-Christians who encourage and promote such things with their own cyberbulling, men so full of brokenness and wounding they wouldn’t know the love of Christ if it bit them on the behind.

Here are Beale’s “Christian” words from the other day:

“..Open up your hate and let it pour over them. Don’t think for even one nanosecond that they don’t deserve it every bit of the criticism, of the contempt, of the disdainful dismissal that overwhelms them. They are trying to destroy Western civilization. They are trying to destroy marriage and civil society. They are advocates of child murder. They are advocates of a philosophy that makes National Socialism look merciful and Communism practical and Fascism coherent by comparison. Do not hold back. Speak back twice as hard. Speak back until they fall silent. Women are particularly susceptible to shame. So shame them relentlessly…”

This garbage literally makes me sick to my stomach. I cannot think of anything more awful then hatred promoted in the name Christ, than dehumanizing His people, His daughters, just so you can experience a little biological bliss hit of one-upmanship on the internet.

This is so wrong, but there are none so blind as those who cannot see. Beale reveals the rot in his own soul with these words, a darkness that is far worse than anything Valenti and Marcotte bring to the table.

A few have tried to appeal to Beale’s honor but he doesn’t seem to have any. Others have tried to reason with him, but he is so full of repressed knee jerk emotionalism he cannot hear. Some have tried theological arguments. He is quick however to delete even the most patient and loving comments, if they threaten his own sense of self righteousness.

“Open up your hate and let it pour over them..shame them relentlessly….”

I know women who have experienced exactly that from multiple men, often beginning as children and being reinforced over and over again. What we do is avail ourselves of the love of Christ, we forgive, we heal…. and we eventually go on to love men anyway. We achieve victory over hatred and shame and each unconditional act of love becomes a form of spiritual warfare. We are everywhere, all over the internet, praising husbands, fathers, brothers, loving people, yes even our enemies.

Beale doesn’t hate women, he hates himself. Those of us who are strong in the broken places can see that clearly. On behalf of those who are not yet strong, I apologize for Beale. Like it or not, he’s a brother in Christ or so he believes, and I’m forced to claim him. I am truly sorry for the harm he does.