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A couple of lovely posts in the blogosphere that I really enjoyed today. The two kind of go together.

The first is from One Gentleman who posted, “Women and Girls Are Not Victims.” Very kind and sweet message where he speaks of the modern meme, the provocateurs, who insist on attempting to promote the idea that women and girls are victims. He says, “You are far more capable, than you could ever imagine.” Ahh, is that not the sweetest thing ever? What an empowering concept. Sometimes I wonder if men really understand how much their simple words can really mean, how much power they have to bring healing. Anyway, I am totally on board with this one. We do women and girls a grave disservice by constantly trying to label them victims, potential victims, victims of the patriarchy. Girls internalize these messages and start to perceive ourselves this way.

The second is in a similar vein, but different focus, one involving Christian values and healing. I just loved this post and could not have said it better. It’s Gypsy Delight,  and the beautiful message, “Who”. It’s about healing from child abuse and coming to see yourself as Christ sees you, from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. We are the beautiful swan God has created us to be and as such, we need to claim our place in the rivers of Living Water.” I just cannot say amen to this piece enough times to do it justice.

So, a hat tip to you two today! It’s a mad, mad world out there and I sure do appreciate having such lovely words to hang onto.