In another thread, High Arka made a great comment about our Bronze Age ancestors. For those who don’t know, “bronze age” is a term some atheists like to toss around as if it is a great insult that implies barbaric thinking, ignorance, and superstition.

yabbMany atheists, the evangelical kind, often deceive themselves by pretending they are pure of thought, not brainwashed, having relieved themselves of all signs of indoctrination. They then precede to quote word for word the memo they got from the alien overlords on the atheist mothership! It’s a somewhat amusing form of cognitive dissonance. Nothing says, “these are my own ideas” better than repeating the precise phrasing and quotes of another. Richard Dawkins is the atheist overlord that first spoke of ignorant goat herders and Bronze age believers.

Never mind all that however, I simply wish to honor my Bronze Age ancestors for a moment and celebrate those roots.  Those people were amazing.  In the interest of politically correct memes, discrimination, and stereotypes, stop the caveman hate!

It’s a bit funny, nothing says dumber than a box of rocks, then disparaging people from the past and acting as if the highly educated, fully evolved progressives of the modern era are all big and bad and intellectually superior. Hate to burst anybody’s bubble, but most of us are incredible wimps, pampered and sheltered by the conveniences of the modern world. In truth, we may well all be evolving backwards.

Given the low quality of many arguments made in debates these days, I’d have to say the superstitious ones from the Bronze Age could probably out debate most modern intellectuals and in short order, too. Of course if you got too obnoxious, I imagine they’d just poke you with a spear, which shows an admirable capacity for logic and reason. There is nothing worse than sitting around a roaring fire awaiting the roasting of meat, only to have your peace disrupted by a clanging gong hellbent on mentally pleasuring himself…..with more of himself. Just poke him with a spear and be done with it. For the collective good of all, of course.

Needless to say I take grave liberties with the idea of Bronze age goat herders and cavemen. There’s no need to point out the discrepancies in my historical recollections. I actually learned to color the Neanderthal brown. Actually I colored him purple, because purple is far prettier than brown. Trust me, you do not want to waste one moment trying to indoctrinate educate someone who prefers her Neanderthals purple.

Also, I drew fairy wings on my T-Rex. I truly love Tyrannosaurus Rex, but how can the poor guy possibly fly with those little tiny arms?? So you see, there’s really no point in arguing with someone like me. I am more than willing to just shamelessly settle things with a purple crayon.

The point High Arka made however, is quite true. We can all revel in our vast intellectual superiority, wisdom we gained by reading about it in a book. We piggyback the alleged evidence of our own wisdom by actually exploiting the work of our Bronze Age ancestors who had no books to learn from, no Google to search. They had to do things the old fashioned way, by trial and error, by actually doing them. It took a huge leap of faith, intellectual submission, a willingness to be open minded, to experiment and explore.

Contrast that kind of intelligence with the wisdom of today. How do you now this thing to be true? I read it in a book written by Richard Dawkins.

And you judge yourselves fit to mock my purple crayon.